Oil consumption for 2009 Audi A6

I need help with our recently acquired Audi A6 TFSI, from 2009, here in the Netherlands, from second hand car dealer (not Audi) . We acquired it end of May with a 6 month warranty. After 4 weeks, and less than 2000km driven, we got a oil light warning and came back to the dealer as the vehicle supposedly had been fully serviced during delivery. Their mechanics looked around the car for leaks and found none. So they filled it up for oil and let us on our merry way. Unfortunately this situation repeated itself 2 more times, with a oil filter replacement in between, but with no solution.
Then the car-dealer decided we should have a test at a Audi dealership to examine our oil consumption. The results yielded a comsumption of 0.35 liters per 1395 km. Equivalent to 1l/2500 kms. The car dealer called us and said that according to Audi that is considered a normal consumption for that model, so there's nothing wrong! A weird statement, since it means we need to add a liter of oil every month! An absurd perspective.
I've asked the national Audi representative to provide official reports confirming those numbers and they said there was no official numbers. Which I think is bull. Specially looking at the various reports on the Net regarding defective engines with excessive oil consumption.

In short, I think I'm being screwed over, and I would like to obtain some official numbers that I can bring to the dealer and force him to either fix or take the car back for the full price.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Equivalent to 1l/2500 kms. The car dealer called us and said that according to Audi that is considered a normal consumption for that model, so there's nothing wrong!

I would tend to agree that a level of oil consumption like this in an older car / engine is normal. It could be better, but of course, it could be worse.

My 2004 Volvo uses about  a liter in 4000 Km. My 2007 Volvo uses about a liter in 6000 Km.  I have had older engines use oil at the same rate as you get.

I think you have to live with it as there is no recourse at this point.
Have you tried to use different oil type?  
20/50W for example.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You only want to use 20W50 in weather 20 degrees C and higher.

I use 10W30 most of the time, and possibly 5W30 if we have a very cold winter.

I can bring to the dealer and .... take the car back for the full price.  <-- That may be worth a try. There will be some deduction for use.
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I also agree with John and it sounds fine to me.  If you just top off the oil every month, the engine should outlast the other parts of the car.

Oil consumption is a normal part of operation for some engine designs, and cars can consume oil for 300,000 miles while maintaining good power, emissions and efficiency.
rjorgeAuthor Commented:
so according to you it's not a sign of an impending engine fault ? Because that's what I'm afraid.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The level of consumption (1 liter / 2500 Km) is not a sign of engine failure.

If you think you want to return the car, try that first.

Otherwise, have a competent third party mechanic check the engine and see if there are any issues.

Have someone start the car while you are look at the exhaust. Any significant blue smoke?  Water vapor is fine.

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rjorgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks John,
I'll follow your suggestion.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Hi Rui - Good luck. I purchase used Volvo's and have had excellent success. I hope this turns out for you as well.
Sorry I missed your question while it was open...

The level of consumption (1 liter / 2500 Km)  is indeed excessive and requires attention.

Most modern engines use less than 500 ml of oil for every 4800 to 8000 Km driven.

I see that (depending on your location) temperatures range from - 3C to + 30C.
You need to use a 5W40 or 5W50 oil for effective engine protection.

If you wish to re-open this question you may receive further advice.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If the car is not smoking visibly, 1 liter / 2500 KM is reasonable. It could be better and in a warm climate *W50 oil can help.

Some years back, I ran an elderly Volvo at 1 liter / 1600 Km for 2 or 3 years before I scrapped it (rust, not engine issues).
A good DIY oil consumption test is the Spark plug color test.

Exhaust emission testing on a Chassis Dynamometer at a garage is more accurate.
rjorgeAuthor Commented:
On my manual they actually state the 0.5 l/1000km as the borderline. Which amounts to 1L /2000 km.
Depending on the oil you actually use?
If you use the oil stated in the manual then expect those results.

For better engine protection and economy the use of modern multrigade oil will be and should be far less than than the cars manual states.

If you are using a high grade multigrade oil and needing 1 liter / 2500 Km then it is excessive.

Test your engines oil use with the exact oil stated in the manual and then if it exceedes 0.5 l/1000km you may have a case to consult the dealer and require him to either fix or take the car back for the full price.

Good luck.
rjorgeAuthor Commented:
As I said in the beginning of the post, I already had an oil consumption check, which yielded the results you see, although I don't know which oil was used. I'll need to get back to the dealer to ask that question.
In all honesty I think Audi screwed up with those engines, as asking people to add a can of oil every month is just rubbish. And their attitude of only fixing a sub-set of the engines and denying a manufacturing problem is just disgusting. It'll be my first and last Audi.
Your dealer probably uses standard 5W30 oil.
As I have suggested a high grade synthetic 5W50 oil should reduce your oil consumption given the climate that you drive in.
I highly recommended such oil for maximum engine protection and also fuel / oil economy.  

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Michael - It is time to let this closed question drop. Rui has shown that the car does the same or slightly better than Audi suggests. I have a neighbour who purchased a brand new Porshe a while back and they told him 1 liter / 1000 Km was standard and to be observed (which he does). Cars are all different, that's all.
rjorgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Michael, I will have a look at the 5W50 oil.
@John. Indeed Audi writes it down as normal, but there's nothing normal about that. The previous cars we owned, with none of them we had to even look at the oil level. In fact just the twice a year services where enough for us, even with an average of 25000 km/year. In fact, on this side of the world, most car drivers don't ever think about looking at oil level.
Still, I wouldn't mind a 1L/1000km if I could afford a Porsche :)
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