Image link in SharePoint that opens download dialog box instead of opening image in browser

I'm creating a page for our company logos and want to make two links:  one that opens the image in the browser and one that opens the download option.  This option is already available on the image's page (see below).  The link I've pointed out opens a download dialog box and the image, when clicked, opens the image in a browser.  I can't seem to get this to work.  I even tried viewing the source of the page in the image and tried to move the <td> part with the link into the edit html of my table and nothing.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  
image pageforum.png
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Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
Where is the image stored?
Did you upload the original image by using
Site Actions|Manage Content and Structure|Site Collection Images
Then Clicking New and uploading the image?
Once uploaded click the dropdown on the image file and select 'Open in new window'.
then use this url in your link.
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
I didn't upload the images that way.  I can't find Manage Content and Structure under Site Actions.  Not sure if it is available in Foundations but I'm looking into it.  I'll let you know if I find a way to get to it.  Thanks for the tip!
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
From what I can see those options are not available in SharePoint Foundation :(
Is there another way to get a download link?
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Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
If you have Site Collection permissions you should see at the top level of your portal. Under 'site actions' you should see 'Manage Content and Structure' below 'More Options' and above 'View All Site Content'.

Do you have Site Collection Administration permissions?

To check if you have Site Collection Permissions. Again at the top level; click 'Site Settings' and click 'Site Permissions'. On the tool bar you will see 'Site Collection Administrators'. If this is grayed out, you don't have permissions.  If you can click into it you can likely add your self as a site collection administrator.
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
I do not have Full Control so I logged on as an administrator but I still don't see an option over View All Site Content (it is the first option under the grey dotted line).  I've read other articles saying I need to turn on Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure but I don't see that as an option under Site Collection Administration > Site Collection features.
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
Looks like I have miss guided you; Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure is only available in Standard or better.  This is not available in Foundation.

I think you stated that you are using SharePoint Foundation.
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
Yup but any suggestions are greatly appreciated so thank you for replying!  I've dropped that part of the page for now and will revisit it at a later date.
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
I may have misunderstood the problem.  Is the problem that you are getting prompted to download a file and you don't want to? Or that you want to download a file and it is not working?

If the later; Check to see if there is a problem with that file type being blocked.

Central Admin|Security|General Security|Define Blocked file Types
Select the appropiate web application from the dropdown.
Check to see if 'jpg' is in the list.  If so then it is being blocked.
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
What I wanted to do is make a link that doesn't open the image in the browser but asks if you want to Open or Save it.
Rafael ISolutions EngineerCommented:
sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it can't really be done.  One of the most basic functions for Internet Explorer and any other browser is to open image files as quickly and as efficient as possible.  Microsoft is also making Internet Explorer do the same for office files, which is why it is pushing Office365, which will make word, excel, and other files editable online.  So to get a dialog box from an image would mean having to develop code that handles and overrides clicking and file opening events for your entire site.

The only other way to force a dialog would be to host your images on a server that can only be displayed with a flash app, or a java applet, that fetches the image to display, and then creates a download link for people that want to save the image, but that is way beyond the scope of your site, and pretty expensive.

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HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for the replies!  It's weird how that option is available on the image's page (page created when I uploaded it into the library) and I can't recreate it.  I figured it was some code under the link since the link to display the image and the link to download the image are the same.
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