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My company in the US recently merged with another in Denmark.   We are both on our own Exchange servers, the one in the states in 2003 Server SP2 R2 x64 running Exchange 2007 Standard SP3 x64.  Denmark is on Server 2008 R2 x64 with Exchange 2010 with all the latest service packs.

The two organizations are moving towards uniting under one common email domain.   The eventual plan is to get both locations on the same Exchange domain.   In the interim we just need to get everyone on the same email domain, but keeping our existing mail server infrastructure (Denmark will keep their users, US will keep theirs).
So, what I am looking for is a cloud service with global presence that can perform the 'Shared SMTP Namespace' functions that Exchange can do, to basically be a conduit for all email destined for the new common domain to be routed by organizational unit to it respective destination server.  

I know Google's Postini could do it using 'Split Delivery' (now being transitioned to 'Receiving Routing' in Google Apps for Business) and McAfee also offers 'Intelligent Routing'.   The problem with these is that they are bundled within the Antispam services they both offer, so the cost becomes prohibitive to route for the number of users we are dealing with.

Does anyone know of an online cloud service that can provide this function?  

Here are the caveats:

-We do not want the email to go to the US or Denmark Exchange server first to be redirected to the other.  We want the email to be sorted and routed by a 3rd party with global online presence.
-using subdomains (ie, ' and') is not an option
-cloud hosting the email is not an option

I have had trouble googling this because there doesn't really seem to be a standard term for what it is that I need to do, or at least I don't know what it is.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Lime SparxOwnerAsked:
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I think that the best option for what you need is indeed Exchange Online plans from Microsoft. You can find the information in Office 365 page.

This is a very good email services and its completely integrated with On premises infrastructure with exchange 2010 an so, you can made a full migration or implement a hybrid infraestructure with some users in exchange online and some in your own servers with exchange 2010 and 2013. You can migrate your mailboxes from your actual infraestructure.
Lime SparxOwnerAuthor Commented:

I appreciate your response, although to do the cheapest Exchange Online plan its even more than Postini/Mcafee, and i dont need the mailbox space, just the routing.

Thank you, though.

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
How many users are you talking about?

I did this with a client last year. For that we used dummy domains, so that we could route email internally correctly as well. (so location based for internal and inter-site routing).

Then rented a shared server and configured a mail server on it to do the mail relaying. I think they used a Linux box and Send mail. The forwarding was literally a list of addresses in a plain text configuration file.
You could probably do something similar with a Windows mail package if you aren't familiar with Linux. There are a few free Windows mail packages floating around that can do the forwarding.

I don't think you will find anyone doing the service on their own - it is all bundled in with other things.


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Lime SparxOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon

It's a little north of 200 users.  I was looking for a quick fix to get it done, our eventual plan is to do what you are saying and setup a cloud instance at AWS, but with an Exchange member to do all the routing.   For now we decided to go the Postini route using aliases to save the dime.


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