Business Days

Hello, how can I change the below to only business days?


thank you
pdvsaProject financeAsked:
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Firstly, define EXACTLY "Business Days"
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
If by "business days" you mean to avoid weekends, then:

Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
If you mean something more complex, then WORKDAY allows you to define a holiday schedule as a third argument. If this was stored in tblHoliday, then it would be:


You can find more about this function here:
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barry houdiniCommented:
Hello Phillip,

Assuming your interpretation is correct then your first formula works for me, but you don't really need the double WORKDAY, you should get the same result using this version:


When the original formula gives you a weekend date that will jump to the next working day

regards, barry
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
Hello and thanks for the comments.  I would like to include that added functionality of tblHoliday.  I actualy do have this table as a sheet in my file.

assuming barry is correct (shame on me), how can I modify to include the tblHoliday?
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
Put in


Before the last bracket.

However, won't Barry's formula move you one day forward even if it isn't a holiday? I'm away from my computer at the moment, but I though that was the reason I put the double WORKDAY function.
barry houdiniCommented:
No, it will give the same as the original date if it's a workday, my formula just subtracts 1 rather than going back one workday, so generically it's


which will always give you the first working day on or after DATE, as Phillip says to exclude holidays it's simply


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pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented: you happen to know why I would get a #Name?  how would the holiday tab need to be setup?  I mean doesnt the formula need to look at a certain column/named range?  

Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
You need a ranged area called holidays-us set up, not a tab.

Highlight the holiday dates, go into the name (the bit on the screen which normally shows the cell reference, like A1), and type holidays-us and (this is important) press Return.
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
ok that makes sense.  I will so when get back to computer.  I assume I only highlight the data and not any column names and all the data must be in 1 column.  thanks Philip.
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
OK I think I got it.  One follow up question and I think it pretty easy but I dont know for sure what I am doing so I better ask.  Does the bolded 10 below mean 10 days after?  I have to modify the formula for 10 days after the end of the period whether it be annually","quarterly","semi-annually","monthly".  The original formula had a 1 and I changed it to 10 but I dont know fi that somehow changes things not intended.  thank you

pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
I think I will need to ask a follow up to this.  

I have a lot of manual work to do to incorporate this formula to hundreds of rows.  I am going to ask if a function can be used somehow to apply workdate and the holidays to a column.  thank you.
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
That will be 10 work days after the previously calculate date.

Don't understand your last post.
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
Ok thank you for the clarification in that...
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