outlook crash

I restarted my computer and I got this error message I am unable to access I am afraid that I lost all my valuable emails tons of it.Please help me.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\outlook.exe."   data of this type is not supported
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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Can you try to repair the Office installation in Programs and Features?

Also try to create a new local profile.
You can give JMH's solutions a try here(second post) http://www.sevenforums.com/microsoft-office/204839-outlook-2007-stops-working-windows-7-a.html

If your still having issues please post back.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:

Roshan Ejaz2014-10-30 at 13:54:52ID: 40414138

Can you try to repair the Office installation in Programs and Features?

 Also try to create a new local profile.

I ran the Microsoft office ultimate 2007 repair from control panel I got a message that the configuration did not complete successfully,
how do you create a new local profile .will that damage my existing or not enable me to accessing all my previous emails??
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Basem before running any repairs take a look for the folders for Outlook the storage folders copy them out and you will have lost nothing.
Is this from the start all programs menu Microsoft> Outlook?
What happened?
Did you get a virus? .exe could be flagged a nasty,  why its saying these files types are not supported?
Could be your clicking on the wrong one to open?
Open from Start Menu All programs Microsoft>Outlook
Try a system restore/ start all programs assessors system tools system restore
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:

I am sorry for late reply , This is my last night I will be back in am and I have to get some rest after this long week. I will do what you suggested and let you know .quick note I opened outlook from my shortcut in the task bar on the bottom. I ran MSSE in safe mode full scan but it showed no infections. I restarted the computer and I prayed first Jesus answered my prayer and it is magically working again thank God, However when I tried to run Revo uninstaller ,UAC, and system restore they all gave me the same message Data of this type is not supported. I have not tried to run these programs again bc of time. But I still wanted to uninstall the Malwarebytes and do fresh install bc it was not working right and even now when I click on the .exe file in program files nothing happens, Please bear with me.
Thank you Merete
Hello Basem. No worries take your time
If I may I'd like to eliminate a few things,
Any events errors?
In your search type in  reli  wait a moment then at the top click on reliability Monitor. Any problems are recorded here with a red circle.
View the Reliability HistoryThere is a few different methods to access stuff on our computer.
If for some reason the shortcuts get damaged or shortcuts on our Startup menu  we can manually navigate to them.
MSSE  I take it that means Microsoft Security Essentials.
And Malware bytes? Both running together?<< could cause a conflict.
Is this MWB full version?
Agree with uninstalling MWB for now.
There should be only one anti virus software onboard other than just just scanners that have no background services.

Please explain> However when I tried to run Revo uninstaller ,UAC, and system restore they all gave me the same message Data of this type is not supported.
You use the word Run! you mean open /run/start? You run a program you open UAC  as it is in a folder, and same with system restore open it and select the system restore point windows runs it after you select a date.
Is this from your Start Menu All Programs or from a Desktop Shortcut?

Revo?  uninstaller?
for what please?  Full version or trial or free?
What are you trying to uninstall?
you mean you cannot access UAC?
Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts
UAC controls
Your trying to use a run cmd for system restore?
Or you cannot open the system restore? from the Start All Programs>Accessories System Tools System Restore?
Is system restore enabled?
Rightclick computer>properties>click on the Advanced System Settings on the left>click on System Protection tab>System restore
System RestoreThanks
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
I am attaching the reliability monitor, yes msse is Microsoft security essentials.MWB is pro version but currently is not working bc I am trying to uninstall then reinstall it. I do not run them at them same time but separate schedule. I have webroots secure anywhere downloaded the revo uninstaller to uninstall MWB but it did not allow me to do so even when I tried to use F8 safe mode. I open programs from start menu like the UAC, System restore, but other revo, mwb, msse from desktop folder where I have short cut.
Thanks Basem, it looks as if you have two different internet explorer, one is a msi installer/application .exe running the other two are the shortcut  link for IE normal but probably having a clash with that top one.
It could be a virus? the .exe one
Application internet explorerApplication iconWhen you click on it and view technical details what does it show, notice the other two have check for solution?
Could you check your running tasks for this installer, look in your start up group, check your windows action center for any problem windows want you to check?
That little white flag on the bottom right of your taskbar
I think if you can get rid that your problem will be solved.
When and if  there is an installer running it prevents a few programs from running?
Outlook probably depends on internet explorer.
Did you install IE manually and it didn't complete?
I would also suggest if you could to eliminate the possibility run a scan outside of your windows. Just incase if this internet explorer .exe is a virus that may have disabled you MWB.
Lets start there.
Regards Merete

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