Internet Explorer Home Page Issues

I have completely gotten rid of Trovi off my computer, whether it being in programs, in search providers, registry, i also searched the registry and it found nothing. I still am unable to change my home page in ie. I change it in the settings and it says its changed, but whenever i launch ie it still comes up with the Trovi homepage. I also reset Internet Explorer and it still does not fix it. Any one know how to fix this?
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Have you ran malwarebytes to remove the infection? Also can you check to ensure advance settings have been reset.
dnstechgroupAuthor Commented:
I have ran malwarebytes and that did not do anything. I reset advance settings as well, same result.
Have you tried to run Malwarebytes in safe mode? Try uninstalling and then reinstall via windows updates and see if that helps
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Please scan your PC with AdwCleaner: >
dnstechgroupAuthor Commented:
I ran AdwCleaner and it did not fix it. I am trying Malwarebytes in safe mode now.
How long have you had Trovi?  Any chances of using a system restore?
dnstechgroup --
Open Registry and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
On the right side change Start Page data value to the URL of the Home Page you want.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try removing IE (remove - you cannot uninstall). Go to Programs and Features, Windows Features, and uncheck Internet Explorer. Close out of everything and restart. Then go back and put IE back in. Restart again. See if this helps.

This will not get rid of existing malware, but it may help fix the issue with IE if malware has been truly removed.

Also run System File Checker. Open an admin command prompt and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, run a second time. Close out and restart.  Test to see if this helps.
dnstechgroup --
There are some programs (SpywareBlaster is one) that claim to stop changes in the Home Page.  Perhaps you have one such program installed which allowed Trovi to change the Home Page but now is preventing you from changing it back to what you want.  Unlikely but possible.

If the Registry fix I suggested above does not work you could try the .reg file (To Enable the Ability to Change Internet Explorer Home Page) offered here
to allow you to change the home page

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dnstechgroupAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. The issue was resolved.
Glad i could help! Which solution worked in the end?
Glad to hear all is well.  If you can, please let us know what the fix was.
And do not forget to close the question.
Please let us know what the solution was.
Also in you thread
I believe my 2nd comment regarding running Malwarebytes in safe mode resolved this as the author didn't post back after that comment. But he did to state the issue was resolved.
With all respect to Roshan Ejaz , dnstechgroup reported the issue as solved only after my post http:#a40417316  :)
More to the point dnstechgroup did post ( http:#a40417193 ) to say that running MalwareBytes did not help.  Running MalwareBytes in Safe Mode is not as effective as running it in normal mode.  So Roshan Ejaz's claim that running MBAM in Safe Mode was the solution does not seem likely as the solution.

Since we do not know which of aadih's , John Hurst's or my suggestions was the solution I suggest a split three ways among those three.
Jcimarron just because its apparently not effective in all cases doesnt mean it doesn't work.
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