VDI Choosing and Implementation, Pano Logic (Zero Client)

We are planning to implement VDI at our office (Zero Client) , So considering Pano, Ncomputing or any other suggestion Most welcome

So i have a few questions, (to people familiar with Pano)
- after purchasing Pano Logic device (small box), what other Software/hardware do i need, to implement ?
Initial plan is to implement 15 Devices.
- Is there a tutorial or video guide?
- is there any other charges (subscription or license ) for each device or software?

Do you suggest any other ZeroClient other than Pano ? If so please let me know the reason and guide me further.
Usage would be running a VB based application, Internet & MS Office.

Thank you.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Actually, if you use traditional PCs to connect to virtual desktops, you don't get many of the benefits of VDI, such as reduced power consumption, central management and increased security. Most have ventured into thin clients first which are supposed to be easier to install, make application access simpler, improve security and reduce hardware needs by allowing admins to re-purpose old PCs. They use mostly Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP for remotely access a desktop that is being hosted on a Virtual Machine stored on a server.

But Zero clients came into picture ... which hprime themselves as to be even slimmer and more cost-effective than thin clients. Some vendors including Dell Wyse, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and Pano Logic offer zero client hardware. Probably the assessment criteria can be based on their offering on
- onboard processor specifically designed for one possibly three VDI protocols (PCoIP, HDX, or RemoteFX)
- boot up speeds, immunity to viruses, overall device downtime to achieve very little maintenance
- how often it needs an update (only when significant change/enhancement to the VDI protocol or the occasional BIOS related update)

Zero client may not be as flexible too and often require that the administrators choose one protocol or another for the device to utilize. It can tend to be proprietary, so we possibly run into vendor lock-in.

For Pano, if you want higher quality video/multi-media with USB extender capability and a streamlined provisioning process, it may be a good fit. Also Microsoft VCED is unavoidable as well. Management wise, it may be still lacking but for routine task for operation, it suffice. From public sharing, Pano maintains the quality as long as the Panos are communicating with their desktop VMs over a 100Mbps switched env. Some common oversight can include is the under provisioning of the VM memory (RAM) and poor network performance or a VM environment lacking enough resources. I believe that happens to any provider to as it is more of the architecture review plan ... sometimes, load balancing can come into picture for the VM servers hosting the desktop VMs (e.g. 50 VMs hosted by 3 servers @ quad core/32Gb RAM has est avg 70% utilization)

For licencing - catch this
New Licensing System
There is a new license key format that requires only one license key file per customer. License key files are cumulative, holds entire purchase and support/maintenance history
5.0 licenses are not supported with Pano System 6.0. You will need new license key files. These are generated by Pano Logic and updated with each Invoice. They will be emailed to the customer's registered licensing contact, and can be downloaded from Customer Center for existing customers.
Evaluations/trials won't need a license key if run for less than 60 days. You can run UNCONFIGURED for 60 days. By default, all software can be used for 60 days without needing a license with full functionality. Upon expiration, only the installation of a new license key can reset expiration date. Pano Virtual Client will run for 60-day from first connection to Pano Controller.
Typically, when you purchase Pano System for VDI, you will also purchase seat licenses for Pano Zero Client, subscription licenses for Pano Virtual Client, or a mix of both. Pano Remote only include a license to use the endpoint as an accessory - you must also purchase a seat license for the Pano System software as part of a Zero Client or Virtual Client bundle.
(The purchase of Pano System for VDI means you are purchasing one of more licenses for Pano Controller and Pano Maestro as well - these are the core control components.)
Because device-based licenses are not tied to specific hardware devices, you can purchase extra hardware, either to have as spares or to accommodate installation in different areas. For example, you could purchase 60 Pano Zero Clients and 50 licenses, along with your Pano System for VDI. This would let you simultaneously support 50 users, logging in fro any of the 60 endpoints.
Do catch the Pano online help for the quick search on required pts...
System Overview : Limitations
Sizing Server and Storage Requirements
System Overview : System Requirements
Best Practices for Deploying Pano Zero Clients
Deployment Scenarios with various seats *25 to 2000

Others - Pano Logic Deployment Architecture Overview Redbook  (pdf) and webcast for "Planning a Pano Logic Implementation"

Catch the part in their doc on
Allocating Server Resources
Virtualization Platform Options
Scalability and Redundancy Considerations
Pano Manager Resource Requirements
Sizing Server and Storage Requirements

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Pano tells you price after you show them your wallet.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
The ID: 40417931 already advised the pro and cons to watch out for operationalising it and the licences that tie closely to client and server instances supported. The specification are also stated in the links listed.

The ID: 40417937 added on alternatives for such zero clients option.

The  ID: 40417958 also bring out one point on budget that need to be considered.

For acceptance to above answers.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
For consideration on ID: 41714462
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