become facebook friends with only vegetarians.

I want a facebook account that is friends with a group of people (vegetarians).

Does facebook have groups?

I want to create a facebook account and have 5000 (I think 5000 is the maximum number of friends).
I want to join vegetarian group and tell vegetarians to be facebook friends with me.
I do not want to individually click on 5000 people and I think facebook may have a daily limit on number of friends I can add.
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Lounge FoxCommented:
Once you start you can probably add 200-300 right away safely.  If you get a warning that you wil. Be blocked stop for  a few hours.    After that you should only 20 every few hours..  Also, you could post on the vegetarian page that you would like friend requests from them.  As far as accepting a large group at on time, don't think FB will allow that, since they will ban you if you add too many too soon.
rgb192Author Commented:
Also, you could post on the vegetarian page that you would like friend requests from them.
One user that I think is a vegetarian or
Does facebook have groups?
Lounge FoxCommented:
yes FB has groups and if you search vegetarian, you will find them.  They have close  to 1000 members.  Also they may have link to other vegitarian pages and groups.
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rgb192Author Commented:
what is link to facebook group
Lounge FoxCommented:
Go to your FB page and type vegitarian in the the search bar on the upper left.

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rgb192Author Commented:
a search in top left search bar will find groups.
Lounge FoxCommented:
your welcome.
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