Cut/remove characters from a Cell after 20 VBA

The formula below was working ok but after some other changes,'s doing weird stuff to column A (adding "t" to the beginning and "xt" to the end of whatever is in column A whenever it finds more than 25 characters in a cell in Column H.

'    Sheets("Sheet1").Select
'    Columns("H:H").Select
'    For Each cell In Range("H:H").CurrentRegion  'Edit to desired range
'    cell.Value = Left(cell, 25)
'    Next cell

Is there a better way?


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You should trim the value property of the cells:
cell.Value = Left(cell.Value, 25)

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swjtx99Author Commented:
Hi Aikmark,

Thanks. For some reason it's still changing the cell formats for every other cell on the row. I thought it was just column A but it's messing with every other cell too.


please post your workbook
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    Dim r   As Range
    With Sheets("Sheet1")
        Set r = Intersect(.UsedRange, .Columns("h:h")) 'adjust Col H to suit
        For Each cell In r 'Edit to desired range
            cell.Value = Left(cell, 25)
        Next cell
    End With

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swjtx99Author Commented:
Thanks Krishnakrkc,

Works great although I still don't know why my original code messes with the formats of all cells on the row. Any idea?


swjtx99Author Commented:
Hi Aikimark,

Sorry I was unable to post the workbook. It has info I can't post. Thanks for trying.

That's because you were using the currentregion property of the cell.
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