e-mail delivery problems

We have a domain name which was registered several years ago, and no one knows who actually did this for us. It was registered on somone elses name, and we cant find out who, due to data protection. This means we cant make any changes or add new accounts.

We decided to register a new domain name, which was in our name, and that is working just fine. However, we need a reliable way of getting mail passed through our old domain into the new one, to give a single pressence. ie we dont want duplicates with our different domain names. ie sales@domainname.co.uk & sales@domainname.com.

We current receive mail for both domains within outlook and have a rule in place to forward all mail received into the old domain name, to our new domain name.

We have 3 devices which need to receive the same mail, ie desktop, laptop and iphone. We were using pop3, but we were experincing problems on the 3 devices, receiving time out and security warnings. On speaking with 1and1 (our service provider) they told me that their pop3 would not support 3 multiple devices simultaneously, and we should use IMAP instead. I thought this was strange, as I have many other multiple devices using pop3 with other service providers without problem.

Anyway, I changed the service to IMAP, and it seemed to be working OK.

However, we have outlook configured to forward mail using a rule, but when there is ever a problem, which seems to be more often than we would like, ie the computer crashes, Outlook crashes, power cuts, rule crashes etc, the whole thing stops.

As the user is out of the office frequently, we just need something more reliable.

My question is, can anyone thing of a better solution for us, so that we can get mail recived into one account for each e-mail address, without using outlook / rule etc.

We dont have any control over the old domain, so I know this not going to be easy.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
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CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
How is the new e-mail set up (is it also a POP3 service, are you using Exchange, etc?)
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
No Exchange here. We do have an exchange server for one of our other related companies, which we could implement if it was benficial, but currently we collect mail for the 2 domain names in question, directly using IMAP.

Bear in mind we cannot change the old domain config, we only have security credentials to allow us to collect mail.

If you use IMAP or POP3 you will always need a client to pick up the mail. Is it not possible to regain control over the old domain by having the paperwork send via regular mail? How does the hosting bill get paid? If no one pays the bill the ISP will probably be easier to cooperate...
A few years ago I came across a program called PVE Pop3 collector from Petyer van Eeckhoutte and used that at a client. You could run that on a seperate machine and re-route the mail without running Outlook.

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I'd get control of the domain again.  It is a weak spot, and a possible security issue.

1. at any time, someone can shut down your email for that domain
2. at any time, someone can use that email domain for their own use, or to impersonate you
2. at any time, someone can re-route and/or copy all email for that domain

If there is a privacy service on the domain registration, then there is a legal point of contact in the registrar's database.  Start there.

If you're lucky, the login credentials are part of the domain, and you can request a password reset.  Easiest way to regain control of a domain.  I just did it by placing an alias to the original registrant's email address on my own account.  Hit the 'forgot my password' button and after about an hour had regained control of the domain.
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
Food for thought! Many thanks to all.
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