Retrieve GUID on all users in Active Directory

I currently pull a list of all the Active Directory users on the network.  
What I need now is their GUID.  
The GUID is the same for every user.  So I don't think it's correct.  

Here's the code.
Dim userEntry As DirectoryEntry
userEntry = New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://")

Dim ADEntry As New System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("WinNT://")

For Each userEntry In ADEntry.Children
    Dim thisGuid As String
    Dim oGuid As Guid

    If userEntry.SchemaClassName = "User" Then
      oGuid = userEntry.Guid
      thisGuid = oGuid.ToString
      Response.Write(userEntry.Properties("FullName").Value.ToString & " / " & userEntry.Name.ToString & " / " & thisGuid & "<br>")

    End If

I'm using ASP.NET 4.0 VB web app.

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:
Use the DirectorySearcher and request the objectGUID attribute.
Dim SearchRoot as New DirectoryEntry()
Dim Searcher As New DirectorySearcher(SearchRoot, "(&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person))")
' Searcher.PageSize = 1000
Searcher.SizeLimit = 10

For Each Result As SearchResult In Searcher.FindAll()
  Dim GuidBytes() As Byte = Result.Properties("objectguid")(0)
  Dim objectGuid As New Guid(GuidBytes)

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jshesekAuthor Commented:
Worked really well - Thanks
The code shows where you add in the different properties that you need into the Searcher.

Then you can pull the data out for use
Dim GuidBytes() As Byte = Result.Properties("objectguid")(0)
Dim thisUser As String = Result.Properties("Name")(0)
Dim objectGuid As New Guid(GuidBytes)
If (InStr(thisUser, ",") > 0) Then
      Response.Write(objectGuid.ToString() & " _  " & thisUser & "<br>")
End If

If you know of any good links, for better learning, on this, I'd appreciate it if you would share.
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