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Ok I am writing a database that helps track training records by position.  I have a dbo_positions table, a dbo_trainingcourse table, and a dbo_jobgroup table.  The position table has all of the main positions, the training course tracks the different courses inside a position and the job group marries them together.  I have created a form, that you select an employee and then their primary position, what I want then is to auto populate , the employee table with their primary positions courses that they need to be trained on, BUT then I need to be able to put a date next to the course when they have finished.  I am able to produce the information with a query but I can't tie a date to each course.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Do you have a date field in dbo_jobgroup?  Bind the form to the query and update the date when you know the training happened.
sharris_glascolAuthor Commented:
All of the data will should populate to a dbo_emp_Course which will assign a course to that employee and the date completed.  How do I bind the table?
sharris_glascolAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to go to that employee select their position and the dbo_emp_course updates with the courses that belong to that position.  But to do that it will need to run a query correct?
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You've just added two more tables to the schema.  The first three tables describe the courses, the positions, and the courses required for a position.  Now you have the employees and the courses required for the employee.  Since position changes over time, position needs to be included in the courses required for the employee table.  Otherwise, you will need to figure out what to do when an employee changes position and therefore the course requirements change.  How will you sort out which requirements apply to which position?

When you change position, the AfterUpdate event can run an append query that copies all the rows from the dbo_jobgroup for a particular position and appends them to the courses required for the employee table.
sharris_glascolAuthor Commented:
So in the form once I select the position, I run a append query on the dbo_jobGroup that will update the dbo_emp_train table correct?  I have not ran an append query, so what do I select?
Open the query builder.
Select the dbo_JobGroup table
Select the columns you need
Change the query type to Append
Choose dbo_emp_train
The matching column names will fill in the Append To: cell.  You will have to manually type column names if they are different in the two tables.
Add your EmpID as an Append To column.  In the Field cell, add a reference to the form field that holds the employee ID -- Forms!yourform!txtEmpID and that will set the foreign key you need to append the rows to the correct employee.

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sharris_glascolAuthor Commented:
Thanks got it to work great!!!
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