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Good day,

I am involved with a Wireless ISP and need a solution where customers can log into a system to see what websites were visted during the month, in other words what happened to their bandwidth.

We used a squid proxy server before, but it seems that it slows down the network. We have around 2000 customers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Werner LateganNetwork AdminAsked:
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If possible, move squid to a more powerful server (better NIC, better CPU, more memory, faster hdd (preferable SSD).
Werner LateganNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
Would you say Squid is the best solution to use?
Budget allowing, yes. Because you are free to upgrade, use other linux distros, change hardware etc.

If you bought a device (for instance, a UTM appliance), upgrading hardware would not be possible. You might even need to pay a yearly fee. Maybe it isn't even powerful enough for 2000 people.

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Werner LateganNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Do you know of software which will allow the customer to log in with their username/password in order to  access this squid logs ? In the past we did this ourselves when the customer requested it. It will be nice if they have the ability to log in themselves.
I'd say, serve on the same server, have squid export the logs periodically (or use a simple copy cronjob) it to a folder which you protected with htpasswd
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