Internet Explorer 11 upgrade and Intranet site links


After upgrading a user to IE 11 last night, when she attempts to access some of the links that specifically open a directory structure on one of our servers, they do not open the directory window anymore.  It works on my computer just fine, which was upgraded as well.  Any ideas?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Have her navigate to the correct Window and re-save the link. There may be something different about the problem computer, but remaking the links is what I do.
Maybe try uninstalling IE11 and then re-install via Windows Updates.

Another thing to try is to ensure you reset all your settings in IE including the Advanced Settings.
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
Can you explain that procedure in a little more detail please?
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cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
That last question was directed to John.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Use the address bar to navigate to the folder you want. When it appears, save it as a favourite.
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
Here is a more concise description of what is happening.  In IE 11, if you hover over a link that has sublinks, the sublinks menu goes all of the way over to the left side and you cannot get to it without the sublink menu closing when you move off of the main link.  In chrome, the sublink menu pops up where it is supposed to, but when you try to access links on one of our file servers, the links do absolutely nothing when you click on them.
Can you try it in compatibility mode and see if that helps?

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cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
Yeah, that doesn't fix the issue.  Thank you though.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If this is important to the user, Try:

1. System File Checker. Open an admin command prompt and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, run again, close out, restart and test.

2. Run a Windows 7 Repair Install. You need the Windows 7 DVD for this. Here is a Seven Forums tutorial to assist with this.
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
More food for fodder.  When I minimize the IE window, the sublinks are accessible and go to their respective fileserver locations.  However, instead of dropping down underneath the main links as they used to before the upgrade, they obscure the main link by opening up over the top of the main link.  At least they are accessible in the minimized state, but something is still terribly wrong.  If I maximize the IE window, the sublinks drop down way over to the left and cannot be accessed.  I thought this might be a monitor issue as the user is using a large monitor, but it didn't have this behavior before the upgrade.
Try uninstalling IE like i previously suggested and see if that helps. It definitely doesn't work in compatibility mode?
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:

Okay, I'm an idiot.  I entered our intranet site in group policy to be used in compatibility mode (IE 7 policy), but forgot to run the gpupdate.  It was a compatibility issue after all.  I really should have known.  Thanks everyone for your help.

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