how to change permissions right in windows explorer address bar

i've seen this done before. you run something that requires access to a share or something and you open windows explorer and click or type something in the address bar and it changes the users credentials. I recall doing this decades ago how is this done?
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glenn_rAuthor Commented:
this does not tell me how to do this directly in windows explorer
i recall having to prefix the address with something
I didn't even know something like this was even possible to be honest. Sounds like something that's been patched.
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glenn_rAuthor Commented:
no i just witnesses someone doing it but only caught the end of the session
You mean changes their password or share/file permissions?
glenn_rAuthor Commented:
i think it changed the permission of the user of the current path in the address field
its like you don't have the correct level of permissions so you type in something in the address bar like user/pwd and it uses those credentials. i recall doing this way back in windows95 but just seen someone do this in win7 and and figure it out
You don't quite put it right - using the address bar, we cannot change credentials of the explorer process. We can however establish a network connection to a resource otherwise inaccessible if we enter different credentials. For example your own account does not have access to some server's c: drive. If you enter \\server\c$ you are asked for different credentials since your own are not sufficient to browse the administrative share c$. After entering those credentials however, explorer is still running as you, it won't enable you to do anything special but browse that one c$ share.

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