Exchange 2007 SMTP logs show the e-mail as coming in, but it's not showing up in the message tracking or users e-mail box

Posted on 2014-11-04
Last Modified: 2014-11-06
Exchange SMTP logs show the message as coming in but it never shows up in the message tracking logs or the users mailbox.  Here's an example of a failed log and a successful log.


Date:         04/11/2014 12:57:13.399
Session-ID:   08D1C679C24AA8AB
Local: port 25
Remote: port 15751

12:57:13.399  SMTPSubmit SMTPAcceptAnySender SMTPAcceptAuthoritativeDomainSender AcceptRoutingHeaders  [Set Session Permissions]
12:57:18.407  220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Tue, 4 Nov 2014 12:57:13 -0800
12:57:18.407  EHLO
12:57:18.407 Hello []
12:57:18.407  250-SIZE 10485760
12:57:18.407  250-PIPELINING
12:57:18.407  250-DSN
12:57:18.407  250-X-ANONYMOUSTLS
12:57:18.407  250-AUTH NTLM LOGIN
12:57:18.407  250-X-EXPS GSSAPI NTLM
12:57:18.407  250-8BITMIME
12:57:18.407  250-BINARYMIME
12:57:18.407  250-CHUNKING
12:57:18.407  250-XEXCH50
12:57:18.407  250 XRDST
12:57:19.031  MAIL FROM:<>
12:57:19.031  08D1C679C24AA8AB;2014-11-04T20:57:13.399Z;1  [receiving message]
12:57:19.031  250 2.1.0 Sender OK
12:57:19.171  RCPT TO:<>
12:57:19.171  250 2.1.5 Recipient OK
13:02:19.197  451 4.7.0 Timeout waiting for client input

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Date:         04/11/2014 13:43:06.746
Session-ID:   08D1C679C24AADCF
Local: port 25
Remote: port 6388

13:43:06.746  SMTPSubmit SMTPAcceptAnySender SMTPAcceptAuthoritativeDomainSender AcceptRoutingHeaders  [Set Session Permissions]
13:43:06.746  220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Tue, 4 Nov 2014 13:43:06 -0800
13:43:06.746  EHLO
13:43:06.746 Hello []
13:43:06.746  250-SIZE 10485760
13:43:06.746  250-PIPELINING
13:43:06.746  250-DSN
13:43:06.746  250-X-ANONYMOUSTLS
13:43:06.746  250-AUTH NTLM LOGIN
13:43:06.746  250-X-EXPS GSSAPI NTLM
13:43:06.746  250-8BITMIME
13:43:06.746  250-BINARYMIME
13:43:06.746  250-CHUNKING
13:43:06.746  250-XEXCH50
13:43:06.746  250 XRDST
13:43:07.058  MAIL FROM:<>
13:43:07.058  08D1C679C24AADCF;2014-11-04T21:43:06.746Z;1  [receiving message]
13:43:07.058  250 2.1.0 Sender OK
13:43:07.292  RCPT TO:<>
13:43:07.292  250 2.1.5 Recipient OK
13:43:07.885  DATA
13:43:07.885  354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
13:43:08.088  250 2.6.0 <> Queued mail for delivery
13:43:08.260  QUIT
13:43:08.260  221 2.0.0 Service closing transmission channel

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 40423166
Do you have any event sinks anywhere?
What Anti-Virus and/or Anti-Spam software do you have installed on your Exchange servers?  Have you attempted to disable those?
Have you activated any of the Exchange filters?

Also, Try an SMTP test (various online tools or just telnet:

Author Comment

ID: 40423172
We have a Sonicwall NSA - The sonicwall does the antispam
Disabled content filtering, IPS, antispyware, and gateway antivirus on the sonicwall
Disabled the software antivirus on the e-mail server, and disabled all antispam on the server

I will check out your link now.

Author Comment

ID: 40423176
Was able to telnet into the server and send an e-mail with no problems.  G-Mail works every time.  Yahoo & AOL fail every time. (There are others, but these are the only ones I keep testing with)
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Author Comment

ID: 40423188
Disabled anti spam on the Sonicwall and everything started coming in.  Guess I will have to give sonicwall a call and figure out whats going on.  I will update this post.

Expert Comment

ID: 40423195
They will probably say, put exceptions, or their might be a particular port which needs to be opened.
let me know what they say.....

Author Comment

ID: 40423286
They have no clue.  They are going to escalate the case and call me back.  Recommended leaving the anti-spam turned off until they call me back.  Our other sonicwall running antispam for exchange is running perfectly.  Just this one is giving us trouble.

I will update.  Open to suggestions while I wait for Sonicwall to get back to me.

Author Comment

ID: 40426499
Sonicwall still hasnt called me back with a solution.  My solution was instead to switch to a hosted antispam.  Switched to Appriver and things are good.  Your suggestion did help.  Thank you.

Expert Comment

ID: 40427610
Good to hear, everything is working....

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