OWA (Exchange 2013) cannot open, create, reply forward

I can logon to Outlook Web App, but nothing else, I cannot open an email, I cannot reply/forward, I cannot even create an email
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Adam FarageSr. Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
What browser? the newer revision of Google Chrome does not allow this as it discontinued a required function within the code: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/4fns56FokxY%5B1-25-false%5D
nourbenAuthor Commented:
both IE8 and IE11
Adam FarageSr. Enterprise ArchitectCommented:

Sounds similar, most likely the case. What version of Exchange 2013 are you at? If you are below CU3 I would recommend updating to the latest.
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nourbenAuthor Commented:
CU6 with Interim Update

I can logon to OWA and read email, but cannot create reply and forward
Adam FarageSr. Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Hrm. Let me poke around, for IE11 this is the first time of hearing about this.
nourbenAuthor Commented:
I can read emails but when I open it in a new window I get this

something went wrong
Sorry, we can't get that information right now. Please try again later. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.
X-OWA-Error: ClientError;exMsg='_nbs' is undefined;file=https://webmail.domain.com/owa/prem/15.0.995.31/scripts/microsoft.exchange.clients.owa2.client.core.controls.richtexteditor.js:2
X-OWA-Version: 15.0.995.31
X-BEServer: null
Date: 11/5/2014 5:19:20 PM
Adam FarageSr. Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
is javascript enabled within IE11? Add the webmail.domain.com (or *.domain.com) to the safe site list?
nourbenAuthor Commented:
Still not working
nourbenAuthor Commented:
It's the CU6 Interim Update that caused the issue, and the this is the fix

if anyone is using the Interim Update (Hotfix) "Exchange2013-KB2997209_2997847-x64-en.msp" please be aware of the following bug in this hotfix:

NOTE: Another issue that we have seen only from some E2013 On-Premises customers who installed fixes for any of the above E2013 CU6 related issues is that “Using OWA, users cannot create new messages or reply to existing messages” – These are mostly installer issues where OWA files are not copying correctly in the new version directory. Ideally the content of these two folders, i.e. “V15\ClientAccess\Owa\prem\15.0.995.31” and “V15\ClientAccess\Owa\prem\15.0.995.29” should be identical, now if for any reason, they are not then it can break the OWA experience like described above. Take these steps if you run into related issues:

·        -Backup the contents of “15.0.995.31” folder to a different folder/directory

·        -Copy the files and folders from “15.0.995.29” to “15.0.995.31” folder

         – iisreset

this should fix the issue …

Found it here


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I just found another workaround, not sure if this was already posted or not.
From chrome, install the IE tab extension, once installed, from IE tab page, under AUTO URL add the full address of your mail ej: https://mail.thisismydomaing.org
Close chrome, and try again.
We weren't unable to even open the login screen and this works, at least for now. :)
nourbenAuthor Commented:
After researching myself, I found the solution and posted it for others
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