Crystal reports last 7 days exclude weekends


I need to write a formula for getting dynamic last 5 days excluding weekends. For example

Day 1 = currentdate (11/5/2014)
Day 2 = currentdate -1 (11/4/2014)
Day 3 = Currentdate - 2 (11/3/2014)
Day 4 = currentdate -3 (10/31/2014) Since this is a weekend I need the last Friday's date
Day 5 = currentdate -4 (10/30/2014)

How can I do that? please assist.
Thank you
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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
This should do it:

SELECT wdate 
FROM   (SELECT wdate 
        FROM   (SELECT Trunc(SYSDATE) - LEVEL + 1 wdate 
                FROM   dual 
                CONNECT BY LEVEL < 14) 
        WHERE  Trim(To_char(wdate, 'day')) NOT IN ( 'saturday', 'sunday' ) 
        ORDER  BY wdate DESC) 

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I'm sure there is a fancier way to do it, but this works.  I used 14 as an arbitrary number.  Ideally the most number of days you should have to go back is 9 or 10, but the extra 4 doesn't hurt the query.
You can get the last 7 days and exclude days 1 and 7 (Sunday and Saturday)
The formula might be something like

<<your date field>> IN currentdate-7 to currentdate and not (DayOfWeek<<your date field>>)  in [1, 7])

If you need to get the last full week you can use LastFullWeek function
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
I would discourage you from using day of week 1 and 7.  The day of week is determined by NLS settings and may not necessarily be 1 and 7.
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angel7170Author Commented:
Thank you!

sorry, I was looking for a formula to get last 7 days. These formulas will be used as a header in Crystal reports.

For example

Formula 1 : This should be currentdate
Formula 2 : This should be currentdate - 1 but if it is a weekend subtract days based Saturday or Sunday
Formula 3 : This should be currentdate - 2 but if it is a weekend subtract days based Saturday or Sunday

I apologize for not explaining clearly.
What do you want the formula to display?

angel7170Author Commented:
display the date
I reread your previous comment.  You have 5 formulas and want to display 5 dates.

Will the report ever be run on a Saturday or Sunday?

awking00Information Technology SpecialistCommented:
Will you ever be running the query on a Saturday or Sunday?
angel7170Author Commented:
The report will not be run on weekends only during the weekdays.

Report format is attached in the spreadsheet
angel7170Author Commented:
Sample format
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
I'm confused as well.  The query that I posted will give you the dates of the last 5 non-weekend days.  That seems to be what you are asking for.
He wants Crystal formulas to get them.

Formula 1 - Today

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Formula 2 - 1DayAgo
If DayOfWeek (CurrentDate) = crMonday then
    CurrentDate - 3
    CurrentDate -1

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Formula 3 - 2DaysAgo
If DayOfWeek (CurrentDate) <= crTuesday then
    CurrentDate - 4
    CurrentDate - 2

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Formula 4 - 3DaysAgo
If DayOfWeek (CurrentDate) <= crWednesday then
    CurrentDate - 5
    CurrentDate - 3

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Formula 5 - 4DaysAgo
If DayOfWeek (CurrentDate) <= crThursday then
    CurrentDate - 6
    CurrentDate - 4

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angel7170Author Commented:
Thank you. This is exactly what I needed.
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