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Software for mirroring data between workstations

I have a client who has two Windows 7 Pro workstations, each serving as an ACT server. He want's to be the primary server and one to be the backup. The challenge is how do we get the data from the primary server to the backup server every 15 minutes or so, so in the event the primary server goes down we can bring the backup online (reprogram the IP address to that of the primary server) and start serving the ACT database again. Is there any software available that can achieve this goal, while using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy to get a full copy?

Before anyone comments, my client doesn't want to use any Microsoft server OSs - he is strictly sticking with Windows 7 Pro.

Thank you!!!
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Cobian is good free software for doing backups.  You can use it to transfer the file periodically over to the backup computer:
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Hi Yort,

I've been using SyncBack from 2BrightSparks for many years:

I started with their SE version and then moved to their Pro version. They also have a Free version. Here's a comparison table for all three versions:

They all can do what you're looking for (even the Free one). I use it the same way your client wants to — in my case, every 30 minutes a W7 Pro machine runs a SyncBack profile that mirrors the data from another W7 Pro machine. Of course, you can change it to 15 minutes — it utilizes the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule backups. The Free version may meet your needs, but even the SE and Pro versions are reasonably priced. This is extraordinarily good software — I would not be without it! As a disclaimer, I want to emphasize that I have no affiliation with this company and no financial interest in it whatsoever. I am simply a happy user/customer. Regards, Joe
There's an open source project called Hobocopy that uses VSS and runs like Robocopy.
By the way, I forgot to mention, the one I suggested ( Dropbox, Microsoft Sync toy ) can do delta sync.
For example you have big file size of 300 GB like database file, and once it's size grow, it only sync the data that grows hence it will be like live replication every 15 mins.
Dropbox will still be slow because it goes over the internet.  Dropbox is also extremely insecure.  I would try any of the numerous other more secure offerings like spideroak or box or google dirve or onecloud or owncloud.  I also use dropbox, but only for stuff that I plan to share to the world, never put anything you want to keep semi-private on it.  He also asked for VSS copies, and I don't think either of your suggestions can do those or handle files that are locked as inuse.  VSS is a way to overcome inuse files.

Does SyncBackPro do VSS copies?  Does it handle files locked as inuse, I can't find mention of it anywhere.  I've always done the command line robocopy or hobocopy so it's good to have another free GUI tool available to suggest to others.
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Sorry for the delay in my responses; I have been knee-deep in a project for the past week. I will be evaluating all responses and post back after I am done.

@Joe - SyncBackPro was what I was looking for - definitely needed the VSS option. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for your responses.
You're welcome. I'm glad it will work for you. Good luck on the client's project! Regards, Joe