Outdoor/indoor security camera system

Hi guys,

I am looking to install a security system for one of my clients. We need to install about 14 outdoor cameras and 2 or 3 indoor cameras.

We're looking for something with internal storage on the network(not dropcam since you have to pay to view), you can actually view outside in the dark (not blurry) and easy to setup on the network.

Please let me know what your suggestions are.

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I suggest IP cameras, a POE switch, a decent computer with a big drive and BlueIris.

IP Camera, POE (powered by the Switch), HD quality,

This might not be the best camera for your budget, but it's an inexpensive HD option.   By using a IP camera you eliminate the need for a security capture card or a DVR.    But you need a powerful enough computer with a big hard drive to collect the data.    

Switch with POE,


I've used quite a few different softwares for security cameras and BlueIris is the best by far.   Reasonably price at $50 and very feature packed.   It supports up to 64 cameras.   So many features that you just have to visit the site and click the "details" button in the menu.    I've used it for a few years now and am still very happy with it.  

Good Luck

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vmaganAuthor Commented:
Yes they definitely have to be IP cameras with POE option. Can I use different camera model/makers with that blue irs software?

vmaganAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have any suggestions?
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vmaganAuthor Commented:
How do those cameras work in the dark?
They work great in the dark.   Blueiris supports many types of cameras, capture cards, even webcams.  

vmaganAuthor Commented:
Do I have to purchase the cameras along with some kind of dvr recorder? Or can I point the data to backup to our server on a shared drive?
You can point to drives, no DVR required.   You can point different cameras to different drives to distribute the data.
vmaganAuthor Commented:
And I should be able to watch different model cameras on one screen on blueiris?
Sure, and different types.   You can have a mix of webcams and different models of analog cameras and IP cameras.     I've even setup BlueIris to pull multiple cameras from a DVR, along with other individual cameras.  It has a interesting feature where your iphone can be captured as a video source.

For clients i usually get similar cameras for their systems, but that's because i'm installing/purchasing all at once.   At home, i experiment/try out all sorts of cameras.    I have 10 cameras at home and they are different types, makes and models.   I have box cameras, bullet cameras, ptz, ip, analog, dome, even one mini hidden camera.  All of these are configured in BlueIris.      

It also has a webserver option.   If you setup the port forwarding, you can view everything remotely in a browser or on a mobile device.   I've even embedded individual camera streams into web pages.
vmaganAuthor Commented:
I just received my camera... the one you recommeded above. How do you set this up? I even purchased BlueIRIS and for some reason I dont think the camera is getting an ip address. Is there default info? It didnt even come with power supply as an alternative option
The camera will get it's power through your POE switch.

Mine has a custom IP now, but i believe the default is,  username/password    admin/admin

Here's a screenshot of my Dahua configurations in BlueIris,
ConfigurationThe settings i highlighted in yellow are what i put in, the rest you can leave default.
vmaganAuthor Commented:
What software ate you using? Blue iris? The disc that came with the camera is in Chinese.
vmaganAuthor Commented:
Changed IP still not getting anything. See screen shot. Camera1.PNG
I'm not using SmartPSS.   I'm not familiar with it.   It must be some sort of extra software shipping with the camera now.   No need for it if you use BlueIris and i'm sure BlueIris is much more feature packed.

When you say you changed the IP, are you saying in this software (your screenshot)?

Can you ping    Once you know the IP of the camera and it's on your network, BlueIris will pick it up with the settings in my screenshot (this is a screenshot from "add camera" in BlueIris (above)).

The camera can be accessed directly through its IP from a web browser.

Here's the login screen (accessed via the IP within the browser),
Here's a screenshot of being logged into one of my Dahuas,
Logged In
vmaganAuthor Commented:
I am in the camera now. Is there any support for these cameras? Thanks for all your help
I haven't needed it myself, so i haven't looked into it.   I've had very good luck with Dahua.

There is a forum for BlueIris at cam-it.org

The forum is great and active.    BlueIris is regularly updated and improved by the author.    Once you dig around the configurations i think you'll be surprised how many options there are.

The first screenshot i posted was the settings in BlueIris to configure the Dahua.    That'll get you going in BlueIris.     Even though the camera has many settings itself,  i setup motion detection and recording configurations in BlueIris.    I only do the most basic configurations in the camera.
vmaganAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help!
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