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Why would some UI's looked "scrunched" on some pcs, but not on all pcs, in the same office ?

Hello folks.
Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit on all pcs in the office.
All at the same Microsoft update level.
All have the same model monitors.
All have the same drivers.
All are set at the same resolution.
All have the "Smaller - 100%(default)" selected.
All running the same set of applications.
Yet, on some pcs, when an application is running, it looks all "scrunched".
Please see the attached wordpad document for an example.

Any ideas or suggestions as to how I might resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
Windows 7

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is there a zoom capability within the application?

Try holding Ctrl and moving the mouse wheel up and down?
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Good idea.
There isn't.
But, I did try the mouse wheel, just to be sure.
That didn't make any difference.

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Also see if in Windows Display options,  text size is bigger than default. That should not affect what you are seeing, but check just to be certain.

Following along from the above post, is view set to 100%
Thank you for that reply.
It is NOT bigger than the default.
So, I'm thinking THAT, is all good.

Most unusal.
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There are several settings in Windows Display options including Message Box as well as text. You might check each setting (a dozen in total) including Icon sizes. It does look like Windows is "bigger" than Word.
Is this a custom application? maybe one of the DLL's for text/screen formatting is damaged? Maybe a re-install?
John !
I wonder what
"It looks like Windows is "bigger" than Word", means ?
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Icons can be re-sized in Windows and the box in Word may be getting its size from Windows. That is what I meant. Sorry to be unclear.

Thanks for your reply.

It IS a custom application.
The developer tells us they rely on the Tahome font (default with Windows) being installed.
And it IS installed.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application on two of the pcs experiencing the issue but, without any improvement.

Interestingly enough, I don't "see" this behavior with any other application on the pc.  (IE: MS office.)
John !

OKay, thanks.
I "get" it now.
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The custom application may be using Windows to get it icon sizes and font sizes. Look in the Windows Display and check.
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"All have the same drivers."

Do they also all have the same graphic cards? If not, then the drivers may need to be different...

"All are set at the same resolution."

Is that the display's max resolution, or something lower? You should always use the display's max resolution...
Ah ....
Good points.
I need to check.
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@rkode :

Right click on the Desktop and select Personalize. On the screen that comes up  click on the link below Windows Colour.

That brings up the Window Colour and Appearance Window.

Look, for example, at Icon. Size (default) is 32, Font  (default) is 8. Try changing this and look at ALL of them (about 20).

Sorry my machine is Windows 8 and you are using Windows 7. I took the stuff above from a Windows 7 machine beside me.
I still think it may be on the developer side.

If they are using AutoScaleMode it could be throwing it off.
Hello again folks.
And thanks much, once again, for your interest in my issue.
I do appreciate it.

I still have not resolved the issue.
But, I am pursuing the following:

Some of our pcs have the following DWORD (32 bit) registry value name.
And some do not.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
LogPixels  REG_DWORD  0x00000060 (96)

I haven’t checked every pc yet.
But of the ones that I have checked, that are experiencing the issue, they are missing the above registry entry.

If I choose the “Make text and other items larger or smaller” option (right click on the desktop and choose screen resolution), and then choose one of the three options available, the above registry entry is created with the appropriate value.
Small 100%     = 60 (96)
Medium 125% = 78 (120)
Large 150%    = 90 (144)  

My next step, is to take over one of the pcs experiencing the issue and create the above registry entry with the 60 (96) value and see if that makes a difference.

My issue is that I am not “in the room” with thes pcs.
Rather they are across the country.
So, there are some logistics involved with regards getting access to them.

I wonder, what “value” is used by default in the absence of the above registry entry.

I’ll update my posts, as I learn more.

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Joshua Grantom
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That would be interesting if that is the issue.
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Not enough information to confirm an answer.
Please don't close this issue.  
The problem I am trying to resolve is within the confines of a banking system.
And because of this, it takes "forever", to try anything. (Security you understand.)

If this incident must be closed, please allow me to close it as I will assign points to the good folks who did reply.
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It works (Thank goodness).
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