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Running a usb 4G modem off a Cisco 891W / 891FW

We want to know if there is a way to run a 3G or 4G USB modem  off the USB port on a Cisco 891W or Cisco 891FW as a fail over if the main bandwidth provider fails.


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sorry i think that won't work
its primarily the embedded
but - since you did not mention the specifics of why

i was told the modem will support something different wifi eventually
and i found the note regarding the sierra wireless 4G/LTE
so i'm thinking you could possibly buy a different internal modem module
--Sierra Wireless MC7304 with Qualcomm MDM9215

Modem information
● Modem form factor: Embedded Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) minicard
● C88xG-4G-GA-K9 and C89xG-LTE-GA-K9: Sierra Wireless MC7304 with Qualcomm MDM9215 (general availability in late September 2014)