How to access url src and launch in new window

I've got a proprietary site that allows federated searching of internal and external sources. The external sources are returned in a tabbed interface and when you click the tab, the query is submitted to the external source and the results are returned within an iframe. Here's some code:

 $('#fs_tab_2').append("<iframe id='frameInline' name='frameInline' src='' width='98.8%' height='430' frameborder='0' onLoad=\"setHeight('frameInline');\"></iframe>");

I would like to grab the src from the iframe and -- instead of running the query in the tabbed iframe -- launch a new window and run the query there, i.e., spawn a new window with window.location=''

Is this possible? I don't know how to get to the iframe src. Can somebody provide the syntax?

Then, I'll need to replace the contents of tab title link <a href="#fs_tab_2">BING SEARCH</a> so the requestor gets the desired results in a new window.

Thanks for all help and guidance.
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Is this possible? I don't know how to get to the iframe src. Can somebody provide the syntax?

Assuming you're not the owner of, it's not possible.
The only way is to do a screenshot using a dedicated crawler or service on the net using server side code.
GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I didn't explain things well. I control what's included in the federated search tab. I adjust the plug-in code used by another application (nothing to do with "Bing", per se) to point it to various providers. To add a tab to my application that runs the query against Bing, I include the plug-in code below:

<PluginSetting id="bing_search" DisplayName="Bing™">
<Param key="Url" type="string">
<Param key="UrlIsInternal" type="bool">

As you can see, all this does is submit whatever terms were run against the internal db against bing, as well. However, the results are returned (by current design) within a tabbed iframe. I'm trying to come up with a workaround. "Bing" could care less. "Bing" won't know the difference. I AM the owner of the application that submits the query in the first place.

Do you still believe it's impossible?
it was clear for me.
you can ONLY get content of iframe if it's allowed by the content site or if it's the same domain address
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GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Even though I own the parent window, I can't get to the iframe src?
GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Anyway... I thought that since I was loading the iframe, I could access the contents.
No, you can get the source  (src attribute) not the content (html,body,document) of the iframe if it's a different domain.

here the way to get the src : document.getElementById("frameInline").src;

test page :

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GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks... that gets me a little closer...
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