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Dvd player not recogniized by windows 7

Opens and closes and light goes on, but that is it. Not showing up in My Computer or in Administrative Tools. Replaced with new one to no avail. Resorted to replacing with Usb portable Dvd player with no problems.
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Dejan Vasiljevic

Hi lorenzo71,

It is very common problem in Windows 7 with DVD not recognized by system. The problem usually is connected with corruption of two registry files. Those files are UpperFilters and LowerFilters and You will find them by going on start and in search box type in regedit and than right click on it and run as administrator.

Then, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControl­Set\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BF­C1-08002BE10318} and find those two files.

Delete them and restart Your machine.
You should be fine with Your dvd now.

Dejan Vasiljevic - The upper and lower filters issue is what I posted earlier. Thanks.

Yes, I am sorry, I was editing this for 10 minutes, were working on something else, meanwhile.
You can delete it if You are able to. I agree with it.

No problem. I was just verifying things.
Yes, you are right. My page reloaded after I posted it, and while I was reading Your post, You've sent another, and I am unable to delete it now. :D
I know that You are able, so if You can delete it. It will be more prettier.
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does it show in device manger like this?
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if not, you have either a connection problem (bad cable?) or the drive is bad
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Great that so many experts forwarded the cure which was almost universally suggested. Thankyou
@lorenzo71  - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.