Seperate DNS records for Exchange 2013 at one IP and website at different IP

We have an Exchange 2013 server that is in house and all is well. We want to host the website for our domain at GoDaddy. When I went to setup the website hosting, the DNS records were changed. No big deal, but the problem I have found is that when the A record for the domain (@ record) is pointed to the GoDaddy IP address for the website, Exchange can send mail but cannot receive mail. When I point the A record (@ record) back to our IP address in our office, Exchange works just fine. I'm a little stumped because the Exchange server was intentionally setup so it did not point to the domain alone. Instead it points to Is there a way to find out why this A record is breaking Exchange?
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Amish SanghrajkaCommented:

This is a rather odd one. Have you received any NDR's for emails sent when the A record was set to the new site? If so this could help in trying to narrow down the issue. It is odd that changing the A record is preventing Exchange from receiving emails. Have you tried checking if OWA works (if you've set it up) after changing that A record?

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LamboOKAuthor Commented:
I agree. I haven't ran into something like this before, especially with Exchange. MX records are pretty plain and simple. I haven't received any NDR's since I have allowed time for the DNS records to refresh. I received a "Server error 452....temporary failure", but I believe that is because I started testing before the records had time to refresh. . Another odd problem to the mix. I can confirm from multiple locations and internally my owa works fine.
LamboOKAuthor Commented:
One more thing. When I run a connectivity test from Microsoft's site for Inbound SMTP. It does fail after I change that A record. The test results show that it was first trying to resolve: and it fails. Then it tries to resolve and it fails. It never gets to trying to resolve
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Amish SanghrajkaCommented:
Are your MX records pointing to or to
LamboOKAuthor Commented:
I have an A record with a host of "outlook" that points to my IP for where the Exchange server is. Then I have an MX record that has a host of "outlook" that points to
LamboOKAuthor Commented:
Microsoft Connectivity passes everything with my Exchange server except outbound SMTP test fails. The inbound SMTP passes with this warning, "Attempting to find the SPF record using a DNS TEXT record query. The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer wasn't able to find the SPF record."
LamboOKAuthor Commented:
So, I can send mail from Exchange server no problem. I can receive e-Mail from users inside the Exchange domain. BUT, I cannot receive e-Mail from users outside the Exchange domain.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You need to check that you have

a. Specific A record for the host name for Exchange.
b. Specific MX record for your domain pointing at that host name.

It is important that you have specific records, otherwise the wildcard entries will be populated.

I would also use some of the public tools to verify how the internet will see your DNS records.


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LamboOKAuthor Commented:
Looks like it was the MX record after all. Made changes and can now confirm issue has been resolved. I appreciate the assistance!
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