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Importing Autocomplete list into new Outlook Profile

 I have an user who is using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 PC. The Outlook is not connected to Exchange server.
 The original profile name is "Outlook" and I created a new profile. After creating a new profile, I imported PST successfully. But I can't import Autocomplete list.
 The original Autocomplete file is about 700K. After importing 700K into new profile's Autocomplete list, I can see new Autocomplete list file with 700K, but the moment that I open Outlook and send an email out, then 700K autocomplete list file shrinks to 150K file.
Using NK2Edit, I tried renaming and restore from NK2 Backup, but to no avail.
I can still open 700K file using NK2Edit and see all the email addresses.
Is there a way to manually export the email addresses from the original autocomplete file and import those into the new autocomplete list?
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