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Hi Experts:

We have asterisk pbx one side xorcom pbx ( asterisk, elastix and dahidi)  (office 1)and other side of the server is centos with freepbx , asterisk and dahidi (office2) both the office 1 and office 2 are connected with MPLS network , we had configured branch to branch connectivity (04 digits number dial). We had configured iax trunk for the office to office connectivity , untill few months it worked fine now the connectivity getting stopped and every day it requires manual system restart at office 2 once done few hours this works later again service stops , but the connectivity has no problem we can ssh , we can do continuous ping only the service gets stop and that too only the branch to branch ( office 1 to office 2  ) phone communication stops we get an message all circuits are busy

please suggest the fix
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds to me link a network or firewall issue --

 Check var/log/messages in the time frame it fails and see if what happens is being logged.  

 There have been many updates and improvements over the years with IAX2 channels and you don't indicate what versions of what you are using..  So I would check the specific Wiki guides on IAX2 for your releases.
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