Can I restore BackupExec tape backup without installing BackupExec?

I have a customer with a Windows SBS 2003 server that has just finally given up the ghost. I already implemented a Mac Server a year and a half ago, but for some reason they kept using this legacy server.

I took over support of their systems since they got this server and it turns out that it was set up as a RAID stripe. One of the HDDs is failing so obviously it is not booting.

We want to lay this old girl to bed, but they need their data back and that is on a tape backup done on there with Symantec BackupExec 11.

For obvious reasons I would much rather not have to install a fresh copy of Windows Server on a spare HDD on there, install the drivers, install BackupExec just to restore the backup from 1 tape.

I tried installing Windows XP rather than Server yesterday, but the XP version on my USB stick turned out to be Home so I think it was missing some Local Security Policies that it needed to install BackupExec.

Does anyone know of any Symantec utils that I can use to restore this 1 backup?

Ideally it would be a boot disc of some type that I could boot from and restore the backup to a spare HDD connected to the machine, but that is probably far too sensible!

Any ideas fellow geniuses?

Thanks in advance :-)
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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
Not version 11. Some much older versions used the same format as NTBackup, but I believe that was prior to version 9. You are correct though, you will need something other that the home edition of an OS. You could probably do a trial of 2014 and it would have built in drivers that will work.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
You will need to build a Winduws server and install BackupExev to restore the files. The built-in backup software in windows cannot read BackupExec tapes so you don't have a whole lot of choice in the matter.

There are two possible alternatives: if you have access to an instance of NetBackup, then you could use that to recover the files as NetBackup can read tapes created by BackupExec. Another possibility is to take the tapes to a data recovery company like KrollOntrack and have them perform the recovery for you. It may be cheaper for your customer than mucking about building servers and installing BackupExec - which could easily eat up a couple of days of professional services time.

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allisolveAuthor Commented:
Thank you Rodney, my colleague and I were wondering about a newer version of Windows on a trial as that would install much quicker. It really would be a nice option to have a boot disc tool available for this sort of situation where you want to retire the old hardware.

Thank you too Duncan, it was worth asking though, you never know. I have made enquiries from a data recovery lab that we are partnered with and they would want £480 to recover the data.

I have quoted my customer £300. It isn't massively urgent so it is more of an out of hours project that I can have sat running at home.

I will bite the bullet and get Windows Server installed on there.

Thanks again guys :-)
allisolveAuthor Commented:
Confirmed my fears, but stopped me wasting more time looking for a dream solution! Thanks guys. I have downloaded Server 2012 trial. I will give that a go tomorrow.
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