I am small ISP and I have a working NPS Radius server who is controlling my DSL subscribers. Can I make the NPS server to relay ip addresses to my subscribers DSL modem ?
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Craig BeckCommented:
Yes, just install the DHCP role and configure.  If you have routers between your clients and the NPS you'll need to configure a relay agent on the router that clients connect to.
soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
I have many routers between and they are not all mine. How do i configure ?
Craig BeckCommented:
Your DSLAM can probably do it.  Configure a DHCP relay (or IP helper as it may be called) on the DSLAM which points to the IP of your NPS server.
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soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
Well, I have no access to the Dslam, I only hire access thru them. I own the backbone router and the DSL modems but the dslams are owned and runned by another company who also own the copper wire.

But as NPS can manually assign an ip address to the modem thru Dial In tab in AD, is it not possible to assign DNS ip addresses ?
Craig BeckCommented:
You can assign DNS via RADIUS (NPS) but it's not that easy.  Perhaps a bit of an overview of how the client's traffic gets from their router to your NPS would help.

Is the DSLAM pointing at your NPS when a client attempts to connect their DSL router?  If so, do you know the manufacturer?
soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
How can I assign DNS via NPS ?
Craig BeckCommented:
Using vendor attributes... hence asking...

Is the DSLAM pointing at your NPS when a client attempts to connect their DSL router?  If so, do you know the manufacturer?
soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
I don´t know the manufacture of the Dslam.

What I do now is:
I connect router and get DSL sync. Then I enter my and my password for PPPoE dial in.
After that BBRAS (owned by the other company) ask RADIUS(owned by the other company) which ISP is the owner of this
Next the LNS(owned by the other company) asks my RADIUS(NPS) if the user is allowed. My RADIUS answers with ip address who has been set in the Dial Up tab on the AD and then my router can talk to my backbone router and go to the internet but without DNS.
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, so let's assume the LNS is a Cisco box.

In the NPS access policy you need to add a Cisco AV-Pair in the settings tab so that the DNS servers are passed to the LNS, which will then tell the client.

cisco-avpair = "ip:dns-servers="

NPS Cisco AV-Pair

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