Activity monitor will not let me look at things on only one server

I have 4 SQL servers in my company. I can launch Activity Monitor locally from my desktop and connect to 3 of the 4. When I remote on to the problem server, I am unable to launch Activity Monitor that way, either. Now, I have checked all permissions (local and SQL). Nothing changed, but this started happening just yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOAsked:
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Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOAuthor Commented:
Issue was with the WMI service - specifically the IP Helper dependent service. It wouldn't allow anyone to connect via Activity monitor. Not sure why IP Helper specifically, but that's what I was able to narrow it down to. Once the server was rebooted, the issue was resolved. Thanks to everyone for their comments.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
You need the necessary permissions to connect to the Windows Server which are required for WMI.
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOAuthor Commented:
Permissions were there yesterday. Still are.
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Sorry to baldly contradict you, but obviously something has changed. Check the WMI on the problem box: check out Microsoft links here and here for info on how to do it. Also google this phrase: "check health of WMI" for more suggestions.


Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
What's the error message?
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOAuthor Commented:
Researched the issue on my own.
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