Export Query to Excel 2010

This code exports a query to an .xls file.

Private Sub MasterExport_Click()

Call ExportTable("MasterQuery")

End Sub

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How can I export this query as an .xlsx file?
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Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 10, "Queryname", "C:\PathAndFileName.xlsx"
dougf1rAuthor Commented:
ExportTable prompts for a filename and save location before exporting.

I'd like to have the same functionality of: one-click to initiate the export and prompt for a file name and save location, just need it to save as .xlsx instead of .xls
dougf1rAuthor Commented:
If a one-click method for opening a Save as... .xlsx dialog box does not exist, I am willing to implement another solution.

Any suggestions?
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dougf1rAuthor Commented:
This is the code for the ExportQuery function (embedded in a module) I am currently using:

Sub ExportTable(TableName As String)
Dim FileName As String
FileName = ChooseXLFile
If FileName <> "" Then
    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, TableName, FileName, True
End If
End Sub

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I tried changing "acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8" to "10" as suggested above, but the file still exports as .xls rather than .xlsx
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
What does "ChooseXLFile" contain?

If all you can do (for example) is select .xls files, then it will be saved with an .xls extension, but not necessarily in .xls format (it could be saved in .xlsx format with a .xls extension).
dougf1rAuthor Commented:
This is "ChooseXLFile":

Function ChooseXLFile() As Variant

Dim strFilter As String
Dim lngFlags As Long
Dim varFileName As Variant
Dim varDirectory As String, varTitleForDialog As String
' Don't change directories when done
' Also, don't bother displaying
' the read-only box. It'll only confuse people.


varDirectory = ""

varTitleForDialog = "Please specify a file to save (*.xls)"

' Define the filter string and allocate space in the "c"
' string.

strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "Excel (*.xls)", "*.xls")

' Now actually call to get the file name.

varFileName = ahtCommonFileOpenSave( _
OpenFile:=False, _
InitialDir:=varDirectory, _
Filter:=strFilter, _
flags:=lngFlags, _
If Not IsNull(varFileName) Then
varFileName = TrimNull(varFileName)
End If
ChooseXLFile = varFileName
End Function

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This is old code courtesy of:
' Microsoft Access 95 How-To
' Ken Getz and Paul Litwin
' Waite Group Press, 1996
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
Sadly, the above code was written before Office 2007 came out.

Change the references in rows 15 and 20 from "*.xls" to "*.xlsx", and see what happens.

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dougf1rAuthor Commented:
It now prompts to Save As... an .xlsx file. However, when I attempt to open this file in Excel I get the error: "Excel cannot open the file 'master.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid".

Is there another set of code I can use to export a query to .xlsx with a user supplied filename?
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
And are you using DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 10?

And are you using Access 2010.
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
Alternatively, instead of 10, use acSpreadsheetTypeExcel14
dougf1rAuthor Commented:
Ah, I had reverted back to "acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8" after "10" did not work out.

I have now implemented both of your suggested solutions and it works. Thanks for the tips.
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