I need to have a background color extend to entire width of monitor in bootstrap

However, the rest of the body of this page only fits in col-md-12, first section of a blcok of text and an image needs to be on top of this grey shade background of 320px height.  Need help laying this out.

Please see the layout in the attached tile.  The grey is the part that need to extend to screen width, col-lg-12.  The blue parts are contents.

thank you.
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Tom BeckCommented:
The attached file?
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Sorry about it.  Here it is.
Tom BeckCommented:
Just create a 320px tall by a few pixels wide background image for the gray and apply it to the body with repeat-x.

body { background: #ffffff url(pathToGrayBackground.png) repeat-x top left }
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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
The grey background doesn't start at the top of the body.  There is a logo above it that is about 88px.  How do I do this?  Also, what does that top left do?  

Thank you.
Tom BeckCommented:
left top (I had it backwards) is the background position. It just means set the upper left corner of the background image to the upper left corner of the container, which in this case is the body.

When you create your background image you can leave 88px above the 320px tall gray area so you have a 408px tall image.

Or leave the background image at 320px and position it 88px down from the top.

body { background: #ffffff url(pathToGrayBackground.png) repeat-x 0 88px }
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
But if I'm putting in 88px top, would it get adjusted automatically in the med, sm and xs boostrap?
Tom BeckCommented:
No. Anytime you use a fixed height instead of a percentage of height you break the responsiveness. My suggestions were based on the information provided, 320px high gray area, 88px high logo.

Is the logo area currently responsive to changes in screen size? If so, how? If it's done using a percentage if screen height then use the same percentage for the distance from the top to start the gray background.

Is the gray area currently responsive to changes in screen size? If so, how? If it's done using a percentage if screen height then use the same percentage for the height of the gray background.


body { background: #ffffff url(pathToGrayBackground.png) repeat-x 0 10% / 100% 25% }

( background: <default color> url(<path to image>) <repeat> <left pos, top position> / <width, height> )

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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