Mobile anti-virus for Android and IOS?

We're currently looking for an AV solution for both our Android and IOS devices. We currently use Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 and have a package that includes KES mobile security, but only for Android devices (per Kaspersky).

Kaspersky has said they do not offer IOS anti-virus at this time. My question is two fold:

1) Is it worth getting a separate AV solution just for IOS? What are the security risks with IOS?

2) If we got an additional security solution aside from KES 10, is there an AV for IOS and Android that can be centrally managed?

Remote wiping capability is a plus, also.
Travis SteinAsked:
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If you dont mind me suggesting but we use something called Airwatch which i believe monitors infections, locations of devices, central device management and devices can be centrally wiped. This is also supported across iOS, android and Windows platforms.
Travis SteinAuthor Commented:
How is it overall? I am also looking into WebRoot.
Airwatch is brilliant I would highly advise looking into it!
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
IOS will not have any AV as Apples has close code which the security provider is not able to further provide unlike Android. Apple came out with  a security guide (latest Oct pdf) of its native support which is pretty good. It covers also the MDM aspect which already. Note that for IOS, in addition to MDM, Apple Configurator for OS X makes it easy for anyone to deploy iOS devices.

There is a good comparison table for the various mobile OS that is handy for a summary of the protection available and those that required MDM

Even though only Apple-signed code can be installed on a device, the threat has involved that even legit apps can be bypass with recent slew of report of like Wirelurker and Masque. There is need to layer the defense in depth beyond just AV and FW for Mobile device (besides the usual hardening of the host PC connecting or synced) besides the AV is really about the app threat intelligence and I do suggest checking out Appthority and Lookout. They provide service to check for risky apps and alert user prior to installation etc. Also another to check out is trustable from Bluebox

Also MAM which is the secure apps development esp if you are also developing in house apps. The MAM tends to go with teh MDM provider like those of the MobileIron, Airwatch. Gartner has a slew of useful article such as the governance program running MDM, matrix (available mostly) for the MDM (they termed it now as EMM) player which is worth checking out their strength and weakness. Even some AV folks has come into the mobile aspect strongly such as like of McAfee and Symantec

Overall we do need to still reduce the device attack surface to ensure minimal security posture w/o in the jailbroken, rooted state and ensure apps are not downloaded from other foreign and untrusted apps store or equivalent, also anti-theft and syncing to the Cloud can be an issue if investigation of breach is ensued. Remote wipe is definitely part of most MDM. e.g. remote wipe command can be initiated by MDM, Exchange, or iCloud.  Disable unnecessary service, and interfaces as a whole. You can check out the document from Aus DSD and NIST as they provide quite a fair good listing of benchmark, guide and practices. Including consideration for BYOD.

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Travis SteinAuthor Commented:
Very informative and clear Btan, thank you very much. And I'm looking into AirWatch also Roshan.

Thanks to both of you.
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