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Get the value from previous row and use it current row field in Access Query

Hi I have query in access  where I have a table that has fields Item, Date Req, Required, Available that is grouped by Item, ordered by  Date Req field.
I like to get a field "Previous use" which will be the previous record value from the required field, except when it doesn't have one for the group, item. For example I like to see the result as follows

Item  Date Req     Required   Available   Previous Use    
Abc   11/1/14         100             600             0          
Abc    11/3/14         200            600             100    
Abc    11/10/14        100           600             300         ( 100 +200  which is  before 11/10/14)
CCC    11/2/14          200           700             0
CCC      11/5/14        300           700            200

I will appreciate if somebody can let me know how I can do this access query.
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The following adds 'Balance' column:

SELECT t.item, t.[Date Req], t.Required, t.Available, (Select nz(sum(tt.Required),0) From Table2 tt where t.Item = tt.Item And tt.[Date Req] <  t.[Date Req] )+0 AS [Previous Use], [Available]-[Previous Use] AS Balance
FROM Table2 AS t
ORDER BY t.item, t.[Date Req];
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This is an expensive operation in a query.  It is trivial in a report or in a code loop.  What are you doing with the resultset?
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Hi eghtebas,
Thanks a lot for all your help.
PatHartman, thank you for your suggestion, yes, I do see it is an expensive operation. I use Crystal report for the report, so this was better doing it in access query. I ended up saving the query results on a table using make table, this was pulling the data on the report was not heavy.
thank you both