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Outlook 2013 downloading deleted RSS feed

I have several RSS feeds setup in Outlook 2013 (using Exchange) and have observed two issues.

1. When I do a send/receive, Outlook is trying to download an old RSS feed that is not listed in the Outlook RSS list or my Account Settings.

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2.  Outlook believes I have two copies of the same RSS feed, even though only one is displayed.

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Is there some other list of RSS feeds that I can access to clean up these phantom feeds?


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Awesome, thanks.

The navigation was slightly different when I did it on my Outlook 2013 x64 and the August 2014 build of MFCMAPI, but I found the RSS folder structure and saw the duplicates and old entries in there.

I've deleted the RSS folder, so now I'll try and add some feeds back.

Worked? Great!