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How / where can I add records to Junction Table in MS Access ?

Am using 2010/13 Access, 32-bit and the basic database structure is:

Clients  1>m  Contracts  1>m   Link   m<1  Scanners  1>m Reports

I'm able to create and add Contract Records and Scanner Records to the appropriate Tables but I cannot work out how to add the link records to the Link table.  Typically a contract has 1 to 3 scanners and I would be grateful if you could tell me which event(s) to use and suitable code (DAO ?) to use to add the links.  The Link table holds the ScannerID and ContractID and am intending adding an insert date to the link.  Some direction on deleting these links would also be useful.

I have searched but have found the best article s are SQL based but a direction to suitable (for beginners !) articles would be appreciated.

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