Acer notebook blocked (Windows 7)

Hi experts,

My son has an Acer notebook (running Windows 7) that he didn't use for months now.
The notebook had become (too) slow, so he returned it to factory settings and that was it.
Yesterday I planned to use it as a music player by running the music streaming service Deezer in a browser.

I started it up, opened IE 11 and went to Deezer.
But after logging in apparently I missed something because it gave an error message. (flash?)
I thought trying it with Google Chrome wouldn't hurt.
So I installed Chrome, but while installing the notebook got stuck (no more reaction to key/mouse)
I switched it off by holding the power button pressed.
I switched it on again. It detects that Windows was not shutdown properly. I chose "Start windows as normal".
It says "Windows starting" with the well known green progress bar at the bottom.
Then it goes to a black screen.
After that normally the background/desktop must come up.
But it keeps showing me the black screen. Forever.
Although it is not really completely blocked since I see the mouse pointer and it reacts when I move the mouse.
I let the notebook on for hours (wireless as well as connected), but the black screen stays visible forever.

Any advice on what to do now?
The notebook doesn't have a floppy drive.
It does have an memory card slot.
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zzynxSr. Software engineerAsked:
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Try shutting it down, then restart it whilst pressing F8 and then select Last Known Good config,

Another thing to try would to press F8 and select startup repair.

Failing that restart it again and then boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 again on Startup and remove whatever you installed.
As it really hasn't been used and there isn't much on it, I'd just do another factory restore, then, if there is some AV crapware like norton installed, remove that too and install a good AV tool, like Panda's free AntiVirus, which is very good. Then run all Windows updates until it is completely up to date. Create a limited (not Admin user account which you'll use for normal day to day use, and then check whether you can use it the way you need.

The issue you got may be because it isn't up-to-date, or there is no useful AV utility installed, and it may have already caught some malware.
stantheman62Computer Tech SupportCommented:
My feeling is that you probably had used Deezer for music streaming before and probably was surprised when you tried running it again (on a restored notebook) and had all kinds of problems. I bet that after the factory restore - you were missing some files (that you had on the notebook before) but were not added back after the factory restore. For example, Adobe Flash Player 15 and Flash Player Plugin might be the reason for the Flash? error message you saw.

I would also recommend that you start by restoring your notebook back to factory defaults (maybe press alt F10 while booting). After you have everything restored - make sure you have all the latest service packs, security updates etc installed before you attempt to install any music streaming apps or other software for that matter. I would also make sure that your using a decent AV (Antivirus program like Avast, AVG, Security Essentials etc) and then I would definitely take a look at the read-me file (installation instructions) for Deezer.

You said that you saw an error message pop up that said "Flash" ?  Maybe you need Flash Player installed in order to run Deezer? The installation instructions should tell you what software requirements are necessary for a successful installation. I found out (through a quick google search) that it seems that the free version doesn't work with Google Chrome. I'm not 100% sure though - you can't believe everything you read on the internet. I would check Deezer support to find out for sure. There are other apps that you might try also - like Spotify.

Hope this helps and you get your music up and running -

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i also wiould suggest to restore to factory defaults again, see the options here :

then, visit the acer site, and update all the drivers
look in device managers that it has NO errors

install latest  flash
Scott ThompsonComputer Technician / OwnerCommented:
It sounds like you have a KSOD (Black Screen Of Death).  Usually it's hard to get back from this.  Press F8 during bootup to bring up the Advanced Boot Menu.  Then select Last Known Good Configuration.  If that does not work, go to Repair Your Computer instead and System Restore it as far back as you can.
zzynxSr. Software engineerAuthor Commented:
@Roshan Ejaz / @Scott Thompson
Starting up pressing F8 doesn't seem to be different from not pressing F8
Pressing F2 brings me in the BIOS setup. But I don't know how that could help me out.
When I just power it on I can choose from
Safe mode
Safe mode with network possibilities
Safe mode witd command prompt
Starting normal

Even when I choose Safe mode I end up with the black screen and (reacting) the mouse pointer

I can't do a factory restore unless I can "enter" in it, do I?

Fortunately there were the comments of
@stantheman62 and @nobus
I started up the notebook while pressing Alt+F10 and that brought me in "Acer eRecovery Management (V8.0.8)"!
There, I chose to recover the system.
I'm currently busy installing all the updates (153! - so far).
It will take me some hours... (given the notebook is not that fast and has only has 1GB memory, and I can't stay besides it all the time)
I'll keep you guys informed of the progress.

Thank you for the help so far. Much appreciated.

My feeling is that you probably had used Deezer for music streaming before
Not on that notebook.

For example, Adobe Flash Player 15 and Flash Player Plugin might be the reason for the Flash? error message you saw.
Deezer simply tells me there's an error and something missing. It doesn't tell me what is missing. Flash was a guess of mine.

The installation instructions should tell you what software requirements are necessary for a successful installation.
In contrast with Spotify, there's noting to install. Deezer runs in the browser.
Factory restore is usually done via a recovery partition, and it is started via a special function key at boot up. Often it is F11. Also check the settings of the BIOS, Acers often have something like "D2D" which needs to be enabled for the factory restore to work. With the correct function key it boots to the recovery partition, and not your installed OS. Check the PC's manual, or on the Acer site for the exact procedure for your particular PC.

Besides, that, it can also be done by booting up to the recovery DVD's you made when you first got the PC.
rindi - the facory restore is already above, answar part to me
Then I don't understand the comment to me...
stantheman62Computer Tech SupportCommented:
I'm glad that alt F10 got you into the "Acer eRecovery Management (V8.0.8)"! - Sound like your on your way to getting the old guy restored. When your done with the updates (153 so far)  I would suggest that you do into device manager and make sure that you have all the necessary device drivers installed. Hopefully you won't need to download anything from the manufacturers  site. The suggestion above to get a good A/V program is excellent.  I would also recommend getting adobe flash player since you need it for playing some vid's inside of the browser. What's the speed of your proc?  Just curious ...
it is a good thing - after the updates are done - to upgrade ALL the drivers
zzynxSr. Software engineerAuthor Commented:
Hi everybody,
I went to a conference last week, so I didn't find the time to finalize this problem or post about it.
However, currently I'm listening to music streamed via Deezer by that old notebook I talked about in the above posts.
So, I managed to make it work again.
I installed all updates and Panda Cloud Antivirus.
Then I pointed FireFox to and got the warning that I had to install Flash Player; which I did.
And from then on... I could listen to music on that notebook that gets a second life now.
Thanks to everybody that tried to help me, but I assigned the points to the comments that really helped me to bring the notebook back to life.
tx for feedback - and enjoy
stantheman62Computer Tech SupportCommented:
Great to hear your up and running - enjoy!
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