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BT homehub 3.0 problem

I have a subscription to BT broadband Infinity 2 connection. I have bee using the connection for just under a year without any problems.
Last week, we lost internet connectivity from both LAN ports and Wireless ports and neither could one PC on a LAN port ping another PC on a LAN port or a wireless connection.
I was unable to HTTP onto the router at and could not check what the status of the router was; all 3 indicators on the router were illuminated blue and were not flashing.
A power reset on the router solved the issue at the time and internet connectivity was restored. I could also HTTP onto the router to inspect the status which appeared normal.
Internet connectivity continued both from wireless connections and LAN connections.
However, several hours later I tried to HTTP onto the router but without success, the browser displayed waiting for This was the same on two different PCs and with different windows operating systems. Power cycling the router solved the issue but only for a period of time. After a few hours, the HTTP issue returned, power cycling the router temporarily fixed the issue. Throughout this the time, there was no loss of internet connectivity; everyone could browse onto external web sites as normal.
I re-booted my PC with windows firewall and Sophos firewall and antivirus all disabled but this did not solve the issue. The only thing that temporarily fixed the problem was power cycling the BT Home-hub router.
I reset the router to factory defaults but this did not fix the issue.
I contacted BT broadband support but they said because I could ping the router and external web sites there was nothing wrong with the router despite my explaining that re-booting the router each time temporarily fixed the problem. They actually gave up ! the BT Home-hub is version 3.0 Type B .
My plan of action is to acquire a new second-hand BT Home-hub router and swap it out unless anyone can provide further suggestions or comments ?
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Issues sound router related more than client side. I would advise you contact BT to provide you a new router under warranty, if not in warranty then get a second hand working one. Also this may not be related but have the Phone and Broadband lines checked and the ADSL Filter replaced.
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No additional comments added and problem not yet resolved so I wish to delete the question.
It will take some time to convince BT to replace the router since I still have internet connectivity and it would seem impossible to get past their first line of defence to speak with someone in the sub-continent who is not reading off a script.
You didn't reply to my comment..
The last sentence in my question explains what my plan of action is; namely to acquire a replacement router. This should indicate to you that I had already reached the same conclusion that you have.
Other than that, The ADSL filter does not affect the network communication with the router from any wireless or LAN clients.
Thank you for your comment but your suggestion regarding the ADSL filter, changing it made no difference as was to be expected.
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Thanks for the links, I will try to acquire a replacement router.
Correct me if I'm wrong but my solution earlier on in the question was the same as the solution you later accepted?
@roshan - I believe my answer was slightly different to yours.  You mention getting a replacement under warranty from BT or acquiring a used one from somewhere else.  I suggested contacting BT to get a new, better router by starting a new contract which will provide a new router, free-of-charge, out of warranty, which I believe is what alcindor wants.
Roshan, your solution was to "contact BT to provide you a new router under warranty". In my question, I had explained that BT had already been contacted and they did not accept that there was a problem with the router and that I was convinced that they were wrong but to no avail. Given that BT did not agree that the router was faulty I would suggest that it would be futile to request that they replaced it free under warranty?
craigbeck's solution contained relevant links to a BT HomeHub forum showing other peoples experiences with router issues. He also explained that the only cost free option for replacing the router was to start a new contract.
In my judgement, the issue was best solved by adopting craigbeck's solution.