Problems downloading video game for Android (from the Amazon AppStore


I'm trying to download a video game (Asphalt 8 Airborne for Android) from the Amazon AppStore to my LG smartphone (LG E610/612). When I hit the 'Get App' button a message comes up after a few minutes saying 'Asphalt 8 Airborne is incmpatible with your device. You cannot purchase this app from this device'.

Why am I getting this message and how can I still download Asphalt 8 Airborne? I'm certain that my LG is an Android phone, ... so not sure why I'm getting this message.

Thanks in advance,

H AAsked:
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H AAuthor Commented:
Roshan Ejaz: Thanks, but I don't have a Play account, just an Amazon Account (and I don't want to get a Play account just for this one game).

Any other ideas?
On Android you would associate your Gmail account with the Play Store, i'm assuming you have a Gmail account?

It would benefit you in the long run to create a Gmail account and then use it to sign into the Play Store to get further applications and games.
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H AAuthor Commented:
No, don't have Gmail and I'm not too keen on getting yet another account. Plus I've had an Amazon account for a long time and would prefer to get all my apps through Amazon.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's a fault within Amazon? It clearly says that the game is for Android and still it won't allow me to download it. Is it possible that the game will only play on newer Samsung or HTC phones but not on my fairly old LG?
Not 100% sure!

Again this is another feature of the Play Store which is better than the Amazon one. In the Play store it will tell you whether your device is compatible to install/run the app or not.

It could be a fault within Amazon. Bear in mind just because the game is for Android doesn't mean your phone will support it.

But Play Store would tell you this... Apps on the Play store tend to be more reliable as well..

We had one guy at work who did the same as you but i won him over and he created a Gmail account and used the Play Store and he never looked back :)
H AAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm new to Android. I didn't know that an Android game might play on one smartphone (Samsung) but not the other (my LG610). I thought Android was more like Windows where it doesn't matter if you have a Dell, HP or Sony, .... any program for Windows will play on any of those computers.

So I guess it's probably just my phone and not a problem within the Amazon AppStore.
Have a look at this, its related to the security settings on your phone. I've sometimes have to allow install of apps from unknown sources to ensure i can run/install an app that isnt on the apps store. But for the long run i would highly advise you follow my advise.

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H AAuthor Commented:
Thanks Roshan Ejaz, as one of the posts reads, I had to check that box in order to download the AppStore in the first place.

I guess it's just my phone the app/game doesn't like.


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