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Dataguard Across plataforms

Hi All

i'm planning to  move my Oracle 10g database from Solaris to AIX, i'm planning to do the following:

- Perform a Full backup
- Restore the backup on the AIX server.

my database will be different from my initial Full backup so i'l planning to sync that difference using dataguard; my real questions here it is.

Can i perform  dataguard on version oracle 10g where my source is a solaris and my destination is AIX?

If i need an other solution for that what can be ?

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I believe that you cannot cross platforms this way.  RMAN does contain a utility that will allow you to convert the data files between the 2 platforms, but there is no facility for the archive logs that would be required to keep the second copy up to date.

Here is the documentation on convert between platforms ->

The entire chapter is relevant, but here is a direct link to converting an entire database ->
You can use Heterogeneous Data Guard Configurations for cross platform or Export/Import Transportable databse or Oracle Golden Gate .

Here is the document which talks about these process.

here is a doc on Hertogeneous Data Guard has an example
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You can transport tablespaces across endian using the rman convert command.  That is documented in the links that I posted.  However, you cannot roll them forward.
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My Solaris is Sparc
In that case my best options can be, perform a full export then import at last; configure goldengate that help me with the replication online

isn't it ?
I'm not that familiar with Goldengate, but I would think that you could use transportable tablespaces, or restoring and converting a backup, to get the initial data load done.  exp/imp seems to be a lot of work to move a database between machines.
I had to take Golden Gate solution.

Thanks for all the advices.
there should be split in points has i have also pointed different approaches in my post. ID: 40431207