I was thinking about buying a Seagate NAS 2 bay Pro for networking and accessing IP surveillance cameras??? SHOULD I

Hi, I'm the Secretary of our 21 unit HOA, in California, and I we have two problems.
1.  All the documents are on my computer.
2.  We have 6 analog Lorex surveillance cameras (being recorded in the pool room downstairs - visible over the internet)

I was thinking I could buy a 2 bay Seagate NAS Pro and solve both issues.
I could allow the owners to access files on the Seagate.
I could install newer, better IP cameras and use the Seagate NAS to record better quality (longer lasting) video

I ordered the Seagate NAS Pro 2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage Drive (STDD100) from Amazon and then I read that the sofware to connect the cameras is costly (about $400 for a 6 camera license).  And I'm not sure if I could be using the Seagate as a "server" for owners and for surveillance storage.... A

There is very little on-line about it.
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Bud DurlandDirector of ITCommented:
The Seagate units are for storage only.  If you need a machine to run the camera recording software, you will have to buy and install it separately.  The camera recorder can store the data on the Seagate gear.  That's what we do here, without Synology NAS.
jmterry2014Author Commented:
That is EXACTLY what I needed to know, but didn't know I needed to know!
I think the "advertising" on the Seagate is misleading!  It sounded too good to be true.

So, please.  What would you recommend -  (is there something that could do both or are we talking about two different solutions).  
PS I just googled Synology NAS and it looks impressive (I'll have to look into the product linie, but my expertise is very limited)
We need:

1. to backup data that can be accessed by the Board (and edited and uploaded) which will also allow  us to allow the 21 different home owners restricted access to select files... (that they can download by not edit)...  and,
2. an inexpensive 6 camera IP system.  (it will rarely be viewed in real time)

Any thoughts would help.
Bud DurlandDirector of ITCommented:
So there are two challenges, that perhaps have some overlap in the solution.

#1 is the file sharing.  A NAS will certainly cover that requirement, although the scope of access needs careful consideration.  There are also some cloud based offerings, such as Sugar Sync, DropBox and the like, which may also meet your needs.  If you are in the healthcare arena, there may be restrictions (governmental or organizational) on how much you can use cloud solutions.  No matter the solution chosen, careful planning has to go into the layout of the shared data to prevent unauthorized and/or elevated access.

#2 is the camera system.  Usually, the driver here is whether or not you will be archiving camera footage, and for how long.  This impacts how much storage space the camera system will require.  before picking out the system, you need to have a good idea of what's important: historic footage? being able to export footage to a video file? making sure the video is admissible as evidence in court (not all systems are)?

If the camera system needs to keep recordings for some period of time, it will need storage.  A quick Google search shows lots of system with built-in hard disk & 4-8 cameras costing between $800 and $3000.  Though some may be overpriced, generally this is something where you'll get what you paid for.

If you opt for a software camera server, then it's up to you to put it on a platform where it can do it's thing.  That usually means a PC with storage.  You shiny new SAN, if you have one, could come into play here.

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