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Is one able to what PCI slots are available on a Dell 2900 Edge server running SBS 2008?

I am thinking about purchasing a card which requires a PCI-e slot. I would like to know if there is one available on the motherboard without opening up the server. Do I need to use third party software like Belarc or can SBS or Server Manager show me that?
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Dejan Vasiljevic

Hi Bert2005,

Yes You have one x8 PCI Express® slot, and You have three x4 PCI Express slots on Dell Poweredge 2900. And I am 100% sure in that.

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Thanks Dejan and PowerEdge Tech,

@Dejan That is good information. I apologize that my question wasn't clear enough. I was hoping to find a way to know which slots were still available. Thanks.
Thanks. I guess I am rather dumb, because it was sitting right on the desktop. One thing I don't know. If the card I want to purchase says PCI or PCI-e x16, but the available slots are PCI-e x4, are they compatible?
Hi Bert2005,

Than Yes, use OpenManage Server Administrator as "PowerEdge Tech" suggested, I remember that I was using it while I was replacing HDDs on Dell servers, and I find it very usefull for anything about hardware infos on Dell servers. You should be find with it, if You are trying to take a look into free slot w/o opening a machine itself.
No problem.

Thanks Dejan

You are welcome, I'm glad that You found a solution to Your problem.
PCIe is NOT compatible with PCI.

PCIe comes in multiple sizes - x1, x4, x8, x16 - and the rule is: If it fits, it will work. You can use an x1 or x4 card in an x4 slot, but because an x16 card will not fit an x4 slot (without card or slot modification), it will not work.
Thanks PowerEdge Tech. That's good info.