Photo Pos Pro - Framing picture to 500x350

I need to size about 30 jpg picture files to all fit in a 500x350 area. If the picture is smaller than that I need to center it in the area, if any side is larger I need t6o resize it and then center it in the area. Also if there is a way to make it into a script I will be doing a bunch of these.

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Basically you're creating a Collage?
Photoshop Elements Create a collage
I have never heard of a script to create a frame and insert images to it.
Make a frame of squares the size of your 500x350  divide the squares by 30 and you should get the size for each image.
Is this for a web page? then you can use CSS / PHP possibly.
padmasambhavaAuthor Commented:
It's not a collage there is only 1 picture per area.

I have a table with the picture in the upper left, a description on the upper right. In the lower right there are navigation buttons. Because the pictures are all different sizes, the buttons get moved every time someone looks at a picture and so it is hard to page from one to the next.
You'll have to help me padmasambhava, remember I have no knowledge of what your have or doing there only your words.
It would speed things up with more details
Please define Table?
And this> the buttons get moved every time someone looks at a picture??
 and so it is hard to page from one to the next.<<??
Any chance you could post a screenshot?
I'm imagining a PinBall table? But it doesn't make sense with buttons move?? and turn a page?
Is this on a web page ?
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padmasambhavaAuthor Commented:
Go to and click on gallery.  Then click on one of the images there. You will see a larger version of that image displayed. On the lower right there are buttons for going from picture to picture in that gallery. As you page from picture to picture you will see the screen repaint to fit each size of picture. I want all the pictures to be 500x350 so everything stays in the same place and only the picture and the descript6ion stays the same.

Sorry I'm not very good at describing this stuff. LoL
Thankyou  padmasambhava, I understand!! no worries..
Ok I had a look at the link and as I thought this is web based.
Web page layout - frames / scripting/language unfortunately is not my area of expertise.
You would be better served requesting attention and have your question posted in web graphics
or web pages languages something like that.
How the layout is is created is in web languages CSS or PHP?
To get the right help, see at the bottom of your top question bottom right " Request Attention." click on that and fill in  what you need.
The moderators will move it to the right zones so where right experts with knowledge can assist you much better.

I went to the link you gave however those images are not clickable no arrows or any navigation?
Could be a problem here?
So I went to the home page
Here is the thumbnail views however when I click on them to get the enlarged there is no >>On the lower right there are buttons for going from picture to picture in that gallery.<< there is small clickable image icon in the center only. Clicking that opens to a new page with a single image with arrows, I see what you mean how each image is a different size but that's normal I'd say. If I use the up it takes me back.
I think the page needs redoing.
I'd love to help but can't ...use the request attention will get you the assistance you need :)  
All the Best with it.
Regards Merete

small image icon in the center only
Turn Buttons
padmasambhavaAuthor Commented:
I got this working by setting the heights and width of the pictures. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this.

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padmasambhavaAuthor Commented:
I did it by setting heights and widths in my css.
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