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check passwords

Im a bit stuck how to sort a problem Ive been given. Ive been asked to write a function to check a password, Ive written everything else but stuck on the rule
No 4 conservative characters from your previous 2 passwords

So something like a new password "banannas" that checks with "bana332" will fail cause "bana" exists.

Ive got the last 2 entries of passwords stored in an array, but stuck how to compare the passwords with every option.

Anyone got any pointers or sample code?????
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You can convert each of the strings to ann array with


Loop through the array for the new pass word and compare each character to the contents of the old password with: in_array();

No 4 conservative characters from your previous 2 passwords
Do you mean consecutive characters?  Do you have the previous 2 passwords at hand (perhaps stored in a data base table)?  If you do it's quite likely that an exposure of your data base would reveal all of the client passwords, which is why we do not store passwords in clear text.

Please tell us a little more about the assignment.  It sounds like there is something fishy going on.
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