Google Earth Pro Doesn't Zoom to Cursor

When zooming in on Google Earth using the mouse, it typically zooms to wherever the cursor is on the screen, as opposed to simply zooming to the center of the screen.

Strangely, this isn't the case with Google Earth Pro.  I can't find an option to adjust this...or am I missing something?

Thanks in advanced for the feedback!
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Hi blugirl, I cant say I have ever seen this so I'll have to ask a few questions
Are you in Street View or just on the planet view?
Web based  Google Earth or Google Earth on your desktop?
I just happened to be on the web page  Maps>Google Earth in a small town my brother is working and in Street view
 it zooms in wherever my mouse points using the scroll on my mouse.
Same with maps in the web browser zooms in wherever I move my mouse.
Are you using the latest version of your browser and Google earth?
Which browser?
Are you using directX or open GL mode,
This is an option you can see start orb all programs Google earth
Google Earth DX mode and open GL modedid it work recently and then stopped?
blugirlAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

In response to your questions, this occurs in planet view while using the Google Earth Pro desktop.  It does work fine for us in regular Google Earth too.  The current version is (no new updates available) with build date 4/11/12.  We're currently using it in Direct X mode, but it behaves the same in Open GL mode.

I'm not sure if this has always been this way since we primarily use GE & only use GEP when necessary & just recently noticed it.

Thanks! :)
Hi Lena  thanks, I just needed to compare our GE.
I am on a desktop, same with you? or are you on a laptop using the scroll pad.
You can adjust your mouse scroll speeds in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items Mouse. How old is your mouse
My current version of GE is build date 10/7/2013
yours is a little out of date.
What year is video drivers? 2014?
Google Earth introduced new 3D maps maybe if your drivers for your video card are out of date Google Earth may not respond, do you see any staggers with Earth turning?
what is the difference between the pro and  normal? Just curious.
I don't have the Pro but I believe other than more features with imagery and mapping  there isn't a great deal of difference just with the interface..
Ok I did some testing using the normal GE, when I first open it you know how the planet comes up, spins and starts to move inwards I stopped it out there and at this distance no matter where I put the mouse in outer space it will not zoom to that it only zoom directly straight inwards.
This occurs only if I point my mouse to Outer Space,  that is a black nothingness and the mouse has nothing to target so to speak.
Even at great distance so long as my mouse points to a position on earth it will zoom in that direction, actually it tilts the planet in that direction.
Is this fitting with your situation?
Only when you point the mouse into outer space?
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blugirlAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thanks for taking the time to go through this with me.  I work for a Civil Engineering firm & the Survey/Mapping dept. uses GE Pro to identify property boundaries.  Typically plain ol' GE has everything we need.  Our version of GE is the same as yours.  When I went to update GEP, it said there was no update available.  I'm kind of doubting that its a video card issue if this works in GE but not GEP...?  We're definitely not out in space when zooming with the mouse.  Basically a user was trying to draw in the boundaries in GPE to export to GP & found that he had to keep making separate segments since he couldn't zoom to the mouse.  All of the options appear to be the same in GE as GEP & I couldn't find a setting/option for this.  Wasn't sure if this was simply the native behavior of GEP.
Lena, I'll try and help just with my base knowledge if I can lol  
Yes I agree now I know the actual subject. Nothing to do with drivers
Are they using 3D mode? Just a thought.
There shouldnt be any difference between the Pro and normal, when there is I'd look at the tasks being done, any modification/marking to an actual map on GEP would bring that segment to a layer? If that's the right language.
It makes sense to me even without that technical knowledge that when a boundary is drawn they would have to be separate segment until that area is pinned which would define that layer/area
As for the zoom it could be disabled when drawing a boundary as the segment would be live and outside of GE language to identify with the map in question?
Maybe it creates a layer and needs be saved first
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I believe that GE is the same for pro, like the base if you like the difference being the addons and maps
If there is a bug, and there is many you maybe better served posting to Google Earth and bring it to their attention.
Here is the update for GE
According to the Update for GE
Google Earth updated to version
Remember that new versions of Google Earth have nothing to do with the imagery.  Imagery updates arrive for all users of Google Earth, regardless of what version they’re using.
At the bottom is a comments box where you can leave a reply or start a new question

If it helps
Drawing Grids, Paths And Polygons In Google Earth Using GE-Path
Is this close?
blugirlAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

I finally found the location for contacting Google Earth Pro support (not the easiest find).  They confirmed that we were using an old version (6.2 vs 7.1).  So I downloaded it from here & all is working as expected. :)

Unfortunately, we did look at this initially, but going to Help > check for updates said that there weren't any so I stopped there.

Oh well...all better now!  Thanks again for your time & effort!

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blugirlAuthor Commented:
Contacted Google Support & their response resolved my issue so I wanted to be sure to share it with others.
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