Copy replace data from one column from database A table A to another database B table B

I am trying to copy and replace column C from Database A table A to another Database B table B ...

Please note column C exist in both databases we are trying to replace it.

Database A uses different credentials and database B uses different credentials.

Here is what we are trying to work with ... problem is how we handle connections within the database and how we can replace the column
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create database link from A to B using whatever credentials needed for B.

then do something like this in A.

update tableB@dblink_to_B set C = (select C from tableA where =;

Change the where clause to whatever unique identifiers are appropriate to connect one row in A to one row in B.
This will update every row in tableB.  If the subselect on A can't find a value, then that row in B will be set to NULL.

If that's not what you want, then you'll probably want to add a where clause on B to only update the rows you're interested in.

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CalmSoulAuthor Commented:
create database link from A to B using whatever credentials needed for B.

--How to create that link? please assist
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
To create a DB Link you should have create database link privileges or system/sys user login credentials.

SQL>create database link <link_name> connect to scott identified by <pass> using 'TNSNAMES';

Here is the oracle doc on DB Link creation.
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CalmSoulAuthor Commented:
What is Scott in your example? Database name or schema name?
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
Scott is an example for userid.
sorry didn't see your reply until today.  Yes, you need to create the link and fill in your db name, username and password
Note, the db name (tns alias) is in quotes, the linkname, username and password are not

create database link DBLINK_TO_B
connect to YOUR_B_USER
identifed by YOUR_B_PASSWORD
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