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Online Virtual Training Business

Hello Experts,

I'm in the process of setting up a online business providing online training on Virtual Routers or Rack Rentals.

I have discovered a site that would be ideal in helping me achieve this goal, however they're based in the USA. I was wondering if an Expert is aware of a company providing similar services but based here in the UK?


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Jerry Mills
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Exactly what is the USA site providing?  I understand you want to start online business training in Virtual Routers/Rack Rentals.

Is this what you are looking for:
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So sorry, I frogot to provide the link of the company providing the services:

Hi Jerry

Have you checked out the link?
Sorry - no joy from me.  The US company is quite impressive

Only one I knew was and they just got bought Escalla.  Good new is the US company is in Boston.  

I use to have my own service company in Reading,  Berkshire.   I Will check with further with my UK partner.
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TNI provides the hosting for the hardware on some of the Nexus classes I teach.  Very good company to work with.
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Soufiane Adil, Ph.D


Thanks for suggestion

Don, they appear very good. I only wish there was an equivalent in the UK

Well the location doesn't matter.  We use them for classes all over the world.

That's the bueauty of the Internet.  😃
Hi Don,

Thanks again for responding.

I'm not looking to purchase rack rentals. I'm looking for a company that can help develop a site that provides Rack Rentals. is where I want to be.

Right. I get that.  I'm just saying the physical location isn't important.   I've worked with TNI and Rackspace setting up equipment and never once been to their location.
Hi Don,

I would like to know a little more about TNI.

If I had my own rack of routers and switches could I use their interface to allow users to access my rack?

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Don Johnston
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