Excel - Need of formula's to split up lines into different sheets (there is more then 1 criteria)

Hi Guys,

I'm quite new to Excel and need to make a complex workbook with some formula's.

I have a lot of lines which i need to split up into to different sheets, so in that case i need to categorize the lines one by one and for that i have made a column where i will choose if its Letter A1, Letter A2, Letter B1 or Letter B2, from that i want it to give me a specific text string that i would be able to use vlookup on.

i hope this make sense else please ask :)

thanks in advance
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ok what do you want exactly and can you post a sample workbook with your data so we can be clearer.
HakumAuthor Commented:
I have tried to make an example, kindly view the notes aswell where i have tried to explain :)

i'm sorry if its confusing!
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
If you have a column containing your reference A1, A2, B1, B2 you can use the Advanced Filter to extract required values to another sheet.

The Adv Filter window is fairly self explanatory but does have a couple of quirks:

1) Each Header on the source sheet must be the same as the equivalent on the destination sheet; they don't have to all be there or be in the same order but those that are used must match.

2) If you want to copy data to another sheet, you must select a blank area on the destination sheet before instigating the Adv Filter routine.

Other option would be use Auto Filter and then copy the filtered results manually. When a data table is filtered and copied, only the visible rows will be copied.

Rob H
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HakumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advise Rob, i have tried to look into the Adv. filter, but i cant really figure out how to give it a criteriea only to show it choosen data on the sheets.. is that possible?
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
The criteria has to be a separate small table of data. There must be at least one header and it must same as header in data. The criteria then listed in cells beneath.

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HakumAuthor Commented:
I have found away around, and closer to what i want to achive so that you for the help, i will create another question since its regarding a formula with alot of IF functions and i'm not able to use since it seems likes its too long and cannot be nested Excel says.
I have seen your file but still not clear to me.

Do you want to distribute the rows in sheet data to their corresponding Sheets as per column I ? if yes I can draw a macro for you but still I don't understand this Code Column why you have it there ?

From this i would need the formula that i would split the data into diffrent sheets, depending on what type & lettertype choosen.

Eg. If type is Big and Lettertype is A1-Letter1 then it should give a code like bigAL1

And from that split it would then the from a Vlookup the other sheets with retrieve data into the sheets

Not clear what you meant in this comment.
WOW your quick in closing this question !!!
I hope you found your answer as I see you rate it Average so if you are not convinced pls let me know I will be glad to assist.
HakumAuthor Commented:
Thats is Exactly what i wanted! the code colloumn was only becouse i was looking into doing a vlookup from the other sheets... instead..
I just saw your comment about the formula and don't know who told you that it would be too long ... anyway just state what you need exactly and let us do the job.
ok then I can build a macro for you that will do that in no sweat Just post a link of the new question here and will be glad to assist as this one is closed.
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