Unable to delete emails within Inbox (Delete button greyed out)

Hi Guys,

I have a user that is unable to delete emails from their Inbox and some of their sub folders in Outlook. You can delete the emails from within OWA and you can also delete the email if you open the email.

When viewing the email within the Inbox the delete button is greyed out. It is not happening to all emails and for some of their emails the delete button works perfectly fine.

The server is newly installed (Maybe 2 weeks ago) with SBS 2011 and Exchange 2010. The PC is a Windows 7 PC running Office 2007, the PC has been added to the domain.

I have tried creating a new mail profile and the issue is still occurring.

Thanks for any help in advance.
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Asked:
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Have you read the post regarding similar issue here:

VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
If the steps in the above article don't work then I would look at performing a Repair on the Office installation. If the Repair doesn't work, try to do a complete uninstall then re-install of Office.
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Author Commented:
Thanks for the response guys,

I have attempted some of your fixes to no prevail however, i have also tried to delete the emails from a different PC logged in as the same user and had the same issue.
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Are you using Cached exchange mode in outlook?

If so then please untick this and try and delete.

If this works then maybe a corrupt OST so delete the old.

Just a thought.
You have a Delete button in the Outlook ribbon as well as a Delete option when you right click on an email's title in the Inbox screen.  Are both greyed out.?
Have you cleaned out your Deleted Files folder lately?
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Prior to them getting the new SBS server, did they happen to be using IMAP/POP accounts? If so, did you import their emails from their old system into Exchange on the SBS server?
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Author Commented:
The machine is using cached exchange mode i will try to delete emails without this enabled.

Both Delete within the right click menu and Delete in the toolbar are greyed out.

And finally yes the emails were previously IMAP before being moved to exchange.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Does the Delete key on the keyboard delete the email? If so, you'll need to use MFCMAPI to check to see if the PR_CONTAINER_CLASS value for the Inbox is set to IPF.Note and not IPF.IMAP

You can download MFCMAPI from here then follow the steps below:

Download then launch MFCMAPI
Click on Session > Logon
Select the affected Outlook profile
Double click on the appropriate data store (usually the user's display name or email address)
Expand Root Container
Expand Top of Information Store
Click on Inbox in the tree
Check the Value column of PR_CONTAINER_CLASS on the right pane, it should be set to IPF.Note
If it's not set to IPF.Note, double click on PR_CONTAINER_CLASS then in the Ansi box change it from IPF.IMAP to IPF.Note
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Author Commented:
The delete key does not delete the email either.

I have tested this without cached exchange mode and i still had the same issue.
While only a workaround, try dragging unwanted email messages from the email message list into your Recycle Bin.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried the steps I outlined above for MFCMAPI?
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Author Commented:

I haven't tried this yet but i think this was a problem because of the emails being in IMAP format, I have found a fix that i will be applying later on today.

So you all know if you ever experience this in the future you should create a PST file of all old emails then using exchange management console you should delete the mailbox and then create a new mailbox for the user.

Once the mailbox has been created you need to log on to a PC and  open the PST as a data file, Once you have the data file you need to manually recreate each folder and then move the contents of each folder in to the corresponding folder in the new mailbox.

It is a bit long winded but at least it works

Luckily the customer i am dealing with is fine just having his old emails open as an outlook data file.

Thanks for all the help.

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Did you try the drag and drop I suggested?  http:#a40440738
Should be simpler than your solution.
Stuart SmithTechnical Director Author Commented:
After investigating the issue my self i managed to solve the issue.
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