Win 32 bit to 64 License question

Customer has several Dell PC's that originally  (2010) came with Win 7 32 downgrade option. We want to upgrade to Win 7 64 Bit to allow full use of 4GB...Any cost to do the upgrade?

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If you have the original Microsoft OEM stick where it says it's for Windows 7 Pro and has the unique 25-letter/number combination (CD key), you can just find an OEM Win7 Pro 64bits installation media and install it with the cd key. No cost involved. If there is no official Microsoft sticker, it's a bit more difficult. So I hope you have it and don't need the answer to the latter.
Nope the cost wont be different. BUT the cost of going to a different versionf windows 7 would be different, for example if you currently had home premium and then you wanted to go to ultimate then there would be a cost involved. Bear in mind you can't upgrade from a 32bit to a 64bit install you will need to perform a fresh reinstall of the OS.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can try upgrading from 32 to 64 version (it is included with your license because you are using your downgrade rights but you still have your 64bit user right) but if only wants uses 4gb RAM you can try install PAE patch:
I have not tested but will give you ability of use all available memory plus not install from scratch required.
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interc3905Author Commented:
It is a Pro 32 Version. Do you know cost to upgrade to Pro 64
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
There is no cost to go from 32 bit to 64 bit. Windows 7 32 bit nativly sees up to 4Gb memory
You will need the oem cd to install windows 7 x64 and then you can try use the license you already have.
Win7 32 "sees" between 2,8 and 4 GB of RAM, how much exactly is hardware dependent. So if most of your machines "see" 3,5 GB for example - what's the difference? So much effort for 500 Megs of additional RAM? Please consider this.
interc3905Author Commented:
PC's actually were installed with XP  with win 7 downgrade. they are 4 yrs old so seems to make sense to upgrade to 7 and add memory (they only have 2GB). Most cost effective is just add a 2GB Stick
Yeah, add an additional 2 GB to one. If already 3.5 are seen by 32 bit (which is often the case), why change to 64?

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interc3905Author Commented:
Yes, that seems to make sense given the effort to upgrade OS
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